Can you help raise money?

There are many projects that No Borders Morocco activists would like to set up to aid the struggles of migrants in Morocco against the EU border control regime, but which we have not been able to do yet due to lack of funding.

Such projects include:

  1. Renting a space in Tangiers specifically for use by female migrants and their children. This project is aimed at collectively empowering female migrants against oppressive gender dynamics in migrant communities by providing a space for women to use to organise and support one another.
  2. Providing First Aid kits and training to as many migrants as possible, especially those injured during attempts to cross the border.
  3. Providing small interest-free loans and business advice  to migrants who are trying to earn enough money to cross the border through working in the black market in Morocco.

If you are able to help raise funds for these or other projects related to the aims of No Borders Morocco then please get in touch at All contributions are welcome however small.

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