Clashes between police and migrants: Injuries and arrests near Melilla

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Incidents erupted on Wednesday at dawn, between illegal migrants and Moroccan security forces in the region of Nador, near the Spanish enclave of Melilla, where attempts to cross the border are frequent, said a local NGO, according to AFP.

A police operation in the early morning near the city in a northern Moroccan forest resulted in clashes and “fifteen migrants at least” were injured, said Stéphane Julinet from the “Anti-racist Group for the Support and Defense of Foreigners and Migrants” (Gadem). Two of them were still hospitalized in the afternoon, he added.

Local authorities claim that some 200 illegal migrants tried to occupy a road near the forest, which resulted in police intervention.

They denied the existence of victims, but confirmed that arrests had been carried out.

Undocumented migrants arrested by Moroccan authorities papers are usually sent back to the border with Algeria, closed since 1994 but where most of the illegal entry into the kingdom occurs.

The Nador region borders Melilla, which groups of migrant regularly attempt to enter. At the end of June, about 300 people launched a “massive assault” against the mesh border, and hundreds have come to enter Spain.

The enclaves of Melilla and Ceuta are the only land borders of the European Union with the African continent.

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