To do in Tangier

Things ALWAYS needed

practical stuff: sleeping bags, mattresses, tents, clothes, household utensils, any electronic gear

medicine and life vests

Also: instruments, especially guitar, microphone, Dictaphone, cameras (for recording music and statements).

Please try to gather from friends/communities where you live and bring these things when you go.


The school

The migrant kids have no opportunity to go to school, because they are not registered as Moroccan citizens, so people self-organise to teach them : A Senegalese man started teaching the kids, and wants to make it more of a proper school. It would be great to have some financial and material support for this.

Stuff to bring for the school: books, especially in English, second hand shoes and clothes, especially for kids. Also, bring your skills! Any teaching training (one-on-one, group workshops, resources or preferably all three!) or actual teaching you are willing to contribute would be amazing.


A human rights organization wants to do a theatre project with the refugees and migrants in Tangier. The problem about theatre is that it is a skill set and process which takes longer to develop than music, and it is difficult for people to commit their time, because they might cross any time. Migrants in the house also already have many music skills (including a couple of professional musicians!) and seem much more able and willing to express themselves through this medium.  It is something they can do autonomously without needing a theatre group to come in and help.  Having a more informal music project would be great. Maybe just a room with a few instruments, the possibility to record things, and professionals coming to share knowledge.  Interzone music’s songs on this blog and SoundCloud show the kinds of things that have already been done.

Activist network

It would be good to have a stronger network with activists from Spain, because they live closer, so would make it easier to build a constant solidarity network like there is between Calais and the UK. However, migrant self-organisation is much stronger in  Tangier than Calais, because people get stranded for longer, so there is less need for basic humanitarian provision, but more for ongoing solidarity, protection from police mistreatment, documenting of police abuses and also of more extreme events near the fences in Nador and Oujda (see ‘Stop violence at the borders’ video from Number 9 which is posted on video page to see the kind of thing!). There seem to be quite a lot of people who not only want to cross but are also really up for no border activism.

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