Demonstration at the Spanish Embassy in Holland

On Thursday 08/08/13 during the No Borders camp in Rotterdam from 3 to 10 August 2013, we held a demonstration outside the Embassy of Spain and the Representation of the Commission of the European Union in The Hague in the Netherlands.

On the one hand this demonstration was organized to protest against the latest events that have occurred at the border fence to  and denounce the eccentric behavior of the Spanish police who have arrested and deported sub-Saharan exiles to Moroccan territory regardless of danger that awaited them. On the other hand the demonstration also denounced cooperation between the European Union and Morocco on border management.

At the Embassy of Spain two officials with whom we spoke  found it difficult to recognize that the Guardia Civil had arrested sub-Saharan exiles who had managed to enter the Spanish territory. According to them when migrants are able to enter the Spanish territory, they get protection. They claimed that the Guardia Civil has never tortured or returned sub-Saharan migrants to Morocco since they know that the Moroccan police are abusing them. We corrected these two representatives!

At the Representation of the Commission of the EU two officials distracted us by pretending to want to talk whilst in fact they had already called the police. After only a few minutes we were surrounded by police who proceeded to subject us to identity control and to arrest one of us who had no papers even though they were of Dutch nationality. He spent more than five hours in custody at the police station and was released at 23.30.

We express our solidarity with our Sub-Saharan friends and comrades and we continue to fight and defend their cause everywhere and in all circumstances.

We submitted a letter of protest to the embassy of Spain and the EU Commission with the statement of the Counsil of African migrants in Morocco. We were also at the Consulate of Morocco in Rotterdam but it was closed due to
the end of Ramadan, but we left the letter of protest there.

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