BBC Interviews No-Border-Activist in Tangier

Ebrima (pronounced “Ibrihim”) Badamassi, a Gambian refugee and one of the founding members of No Borders Morocco, features in this BBC Newsnight report by Paul Mason on the human rights abuses being funded by the EU in Morocco carried out by the Moroccan police against migrants from Sub-Saharan Africa.

Ebrima puts forward an anti-imperialist perspective, criticizing the EU for spending millions of euros to prevent people like him entering Europe when it is European governments that caused the poverty, oppression and war in African countries that caused them to migrate in the first place, instead of using that money to help European people themselves who are suffering from the effects of economic crises, or on solving the problems in African countries.

What the report fails to mention, probably because it was too difficult for them to find hard evidence of it, is the widespread corruption in the Moroccan police force which makes the problems for Sub-Saharan African migrants even worse. Migrants associated with No Borders Morocco report widespread instances of Moroccan police arresting them, sending copies of their fingerprints to representatives of the EU, and then receiving EU money which they then keep for themselves, turning the migrants out onto the street so that they can be arrested again another time to earn these corrupt police officers even more money next time, or sending them to the desert near Oujda, on the Algerian border.

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