Death of Senegalese in police raid called ‘accidental’

The Senegalese Consulate in Rabat has backed the Moroccan authorities’ version of the events which led to the death of Moussa Seck, who died during a police raid of a house in Tangier on October 10th.

Migrants in Tangier see a tendency for the Senegalese Consulate to back the Moroccan authorities. This time the decision came despite witness statements that Moussa had been beaten by police before falling from a fourth floor window, and that the exact circumstances of how he came to fall are doubted.

It signals the end of the official response to the 24-year-old’s tragic death. The Moroccan authorities also evaded questioning about why police forces routinely raid the homes of sub-Saharan migrants, operations widely reported as involving violence and theft, and during which four people have died so far this year.


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