Border Witness Project

A new project to give witness to the situation of migrants in North Africa

There are currently tens of thousands of migrants, trapped in Morocco due
to EU border policies, most of them unable to return home because of
poverty and persecution and unable to cross into mainland Europe. Since
2012 No Borders Morocco has been in contact with migrants trapped at the
Moroccan-Spanish border. The aim is to support and show solidarity with
migrants and raise awareness of their situation.

In order to document, record and bear witness to the atrocities that are
taking place at our borders, paid for by the European tax payer. No Border
Morrocco is aiming to  provide some  technical support to migrants so
they can record, upload, publish and share their journeys.

No Borders Morocco is calling on people to send their spare technical
equipment to them to help support migrants. In particular
–  audio visual recording equipment (also for music), SD cards, usb
sticks, mobile phones, laptops, hard drives
More information on No Borders Morocco and the situation in link.
To support this project please contact

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