Report of the meeting of the Platform of Subsaharan Communities and Associations in Morocco

This meeting comes following the barbarity of recent events in Boukhalef, Tangiers, in which 20 people were injured or missing and which led to the death of the young Senegalese man named Charles Paul Alphonse Ndour, a 25 year old law student in Casablanca. This violence happened in total disregard of the Moroccan authorities and also our diplomatic efforts.
We strongly condemn these barbaric, xenophobic and racist actions of Moroccan nationals in the Boukhalef neighborhood of Tangiers, and call on the authorities of the city to carry out an investigation that establishes who was responsible and brings the perpetrators to account.

We also call for the release of all the protesters.

We declare that according to our missionaries in Tangiers there exists a racist extremist group called the “Racist Union”, which funds local youth to attack Black people.

The platform of associations and communities announce the following:
– A peaceful demonstration is scheduled for Tuesday 02/09/14 at 10am in front of the Embassies of Cameroon, Senegal, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Mali and Mauritania (the presidency of the African Union)
– A sit-in outside the headquarters of the United Nations and the Delegation of the European Union

We call on all organisations defending migrants to support us in this action.

The Platform of Subsaharan Communities and Associations in Morocco


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