Guardia Civil chief brought to court

A little victory for human rights
The colonel in charge of the Guardia Civil, Ambrosio Martín Villaseñor, is finally being held responsible for the illegal push backs carried out under his command, which is a clear violation of both national law and international treaties. He will be asked to testify in court on the 2nd of October as he is suspected of being in command of two incidents of migrants being pushed back, after officially reaching Spanish territory. There are videos documenting the two incidents, taking place on June 18th and August 13th. On the 18th, some 400 migrants tried to cross to Melilla, and 200 of them made it to the area between the fences, where they remained trapped. Although this is officially Spanish ground, they were all pushed back to Morocco. On the 13th of August several migrants sat on the top of the fence for a long period of time, from where they were pushed back. According to international treaties, any person reaching Spanish territory has the right to claim asylum and have their case undergo the legal procedure. Colonel Martín Villaseñor and his illegal operations have clearly violated the most basic right to asylum. The court’s ruling is a big victory for migrants’ rights and the Spanish NGOs P.R.O.D.E.I.N, Andalucia Acoge and SOS Racismo, who have been denouncing these pushback cases for a long time.
We will provide further updates after the 2nd of October, when the court has reached a decision.

Longer article in Spanish:


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