Repression in Tanger

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Migrants from Tangier as well as associations of Tanger (AMDH, Armid, Chabaka, Atack Tanger, visa sans frontières) in cooperation with associations of Rabat (conseil de migrants, Gadem, AMDH, CNDH), the group Morocco Migrants Solidarity and the support from the comrades from APDHA Cadiz, Spain, were blocked by police on their way to go to the meeting point of the gathering in the “Place des Nations” Tanger. The groups wanted to protest against racist attacks and repressions that subsaharan migrants are suffering. The delegation from Rabat with more than 30 people were refused entry to the city of Tanger by the “forces auxiliaires”. Instead they made a gathering on the spot, when they could not join to the comrades from Tanger.
Migrants who wanted to come to the demonstration were controlled and stopped by police. People who came to the meeting point were expected by the police, and there was an enormous police presence who scattered people by threatening to attack. “This policy goes against the poor people. Morocco is acting as the watchdog for Europe”, said a guy from Tanger who came to demonstrate against racism. A person born in Senegal explains: “We are here to pass to Europe, we do not want conflicts, we want tranquility, we are looking for a job and a life.” In Tanger the migrants are each day pushed out of the city more and more brutally. The authorities block their circulation close to the European border with repression, organized attacks and deportations to Casablanca, Rabat, Fes and recently even with deportations to countries of origin.
While the EU increases the means to militarize its external borders, the migrants awaiting entry are repressed harder in the Moroccan kingdom for every day.

Armid, SOC, Morocco Migrants Solidarity

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