Weekend of raids, repression, destruction and beatings 10 and 11/01/2015


The usual violence suffered by those who’s life is on the border became present again this weekend. Police attacked the two forests of Gourougou and Cassiago at the same time.

Cassiago (Fnideq)

On Saturday 10th January Moroccan military police arrived at the Cassiago forest at around 7am. People ran from them to avoid being beaten. 30 people were caught and taken by police vehicles and left in the middle of nowhere, “in bushlands” 7km out of Tétouan, which is 40km to the south of Ceuta. Everyone had no choice but to walk the 7km into Tétouan, after which people got buses to different places.

Much of the camp was destroyed, things being smashed, ripped and burnt systematically. People have been living in incredibly difficult conditions there anyway, but now with new blankets and shelters burnt, the cold nights are going to be colder until more materials can be found or donated by people who try to provide this support.

Again the the next day, ‘Force Auxiliaires’ police went to the Cassiago forest early in the morning, and began to detain more people than the day before, eventually around 90 people. About 15 people were also ‘arrested’ in the town of Cassiago (Fnideq in Arab) and all were taken to the police station in Tetouan, where they numbered over 100, and then they were dispersed by force to the edges of different towns in northern Morocco.

70 people were taken by bus to the edge of Tangier. 12 wounded people were deported to Larache the night of January 11, 2015 after having left the police station in Tetouan. 17 people were also put on a bus to be displaced inhumanely at the side of the road out of Asilah towards Tangier. Some walked to Tangier, others prefered to walk the longer distance and stayed on course to return to Cassiago.


Saturday morning the Moroccan military entered the forest with ‘Clochards’. They threw rocks at the migrants, which caused many injuries. (Some of the migrants defending themselves by throwing some of the rocks back.)

There were many people injured mainly because of the actions of the clochard, who are known for much of the worst violence at the border. Migrants often testify against the violence of the desperate clochard.

Police, there with the people throwing rocks, told migrants “The forest is too dangerous for the women, until there aren’t women staying here, there will be more attacks.” How unbelievable, to use sexist logic to justify violence with paternalistc reasoning. They create the danger and then say they want to protect people.


On Sunday morning, there was a strike of migrants trying to enter Melilla. Only 11 people managed to reach the CETI which means safety from being pushed back. On this day the Forces Auxiliares were noumerous , so it was easier for them to stop migrants from trespassing the 4 fences around Melilla. The police action caused many injuries, so that 11 people, including 3 women, needed to be hospitalised.


Monday 12/01 23 people (19 men, 3 women  and a child), said to be from Subsaharan countries arrived in Almeria  after their ‘makeshift’ boat was intercepted by Spanish maritime rescue 40 miles off the coast.

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