International Call-out for 6th February action

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Call-out to all affected by the war waged by the European Union against migrants and refugees.

On 6th February 2014, hundreds of migrants were trying, in a collective action, to overcome the border at the Spanish enclave Ceuta, by sea. The Spanish Guardia Civil, in response to the attempt to enter EU territory, fired on the people in the sea with rubber bullets and tear gas. Moroccan police, supported by racist inhabitants, also participated in the deadly hunt.

15 persons were officially reported dead, and yet over 50 were missing! Thousands more have been killed, injured and pushed-back illegally through the Spanish-Moroccan border since.

A year after this murder – in addition to many others that caused the death and disappearance of migrants – we still demand the member states of the European Union to respect the fundamental rights which must be guaranteed for every person in the world, not only for western citizens.

We express our solidarity with all migrants who risk their lives, continuously pushed to take the desert and the sea to get through the brutal security measurements of the fortress europe and their execution by north-African authorities.

Therefore we call for acts of solidarity and resistance in Tanger, Fnideq, Ceuta, Madrid, Barcelona, Düsseldorf, Berlin, London and beyond!

We hold this memorial, across Europe and Morocco, from the 6th February onwards, condemning these extremely despicable and murderous acts and we demand an international investigation to restore accountability and to bring the perpetrators to justice, particularly the Guardia Civil of Spain.

We demand equal rights and equal justice for all and everywhere!


You can support this call-out by:

* Organising or supporting an action where you live

* Distributing this call-out on the internet or printed

* Finding and sharing on Twitter: #StopWarOnMigrants

Call-out supported by groups that include:

ARMID (Association Rencontre Mediterranée pour l’Immigration et le Developpement), Conseil des Migrants, Afrique Culture Maroc (Rabat), Elongui (Rabat), Diaspora Congolaise (Rabat), CCSM (Collectif des Communautés Subsahariennes au Maroc), ASET (Association Senegalaise de Tanger), ARCOM (Association des Réfugiés et demandeurs d’asile Congolais au Maroc), Visa Sans Frontières, Chabaka, Morocco Migrant Solidarity, Welcome to Europe, Afrique-Europe-Interact, Forschungsgesellschaft Flucht und Migration, La Coordinadora para la Prevención y Denuncia de la Tortura (CPDT, Spain), SOC-SAT(Almería), Colectivo 18D Solidarity, José Ángel Bueno, Militante del Partido Sain, Borderline-Europe, ODS (Sevilla), Campaña CIE No, Entrepueblos, No Borders South Wales, Valencia Acoge, Colectivo Sur, Cacarica, GAC. Grupo de Acción Comunitaria, Cedsala, HOAC, Psicólogos sin Fronteras, Candombe, Jarit, Cear, Colectivo Ansur, La COS

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