January and February 2015 at the Moroccan-Spanish border

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The first two months of the year have seen around 300 BOZA, but also several deaths. This is a non-exhaustive list, please add any additional info!



01/01/2015 Melilla
Successful passage of more than 50 people.

03/01/2015 Granada
50 Moroccans arriver with an inflatable boat, they are taken to Granada

05/01/2015 Murcie
Two convoys with 21 people coming from Algeria go down, 5 people drown. The others are rescued and taken to Murcia in Spain.

08/01/2015 Tarifa
Rescue of a boat with 36 men, 10 women and a baby at the Tarifa coast

08/01/2015 Andalouse
All in all, 157 people in six inflatable boats have arrived so far on the Andalusian shores in the first 8 days of 2015.

09/01/2015 Melilla
Attack by 300 people, 15 wounded, 8 of them severly

09/01/2015 Melilla
successful passage of 12 people

1O/01/2015 Ceuta
The Moroccan police invades the migrants’ camp in Cassiago (Petite foret), arrests migrants, destroys and burns.

12 /01/2015 Almeria
All in all, 23 migrants of Subsaharan origin, 19 men, 3 women and a child, were intercepted before Almeria (South-East of spain) while they were trying to get to the Spanishs hores, as the Spanish rescue service details

12/01/2015 Melilla
Between 15 and 18 non-accompanied minors of Moroccan origin managed to get into Melilla on Monday

15/01 Tarifa
The national police arrested 5 immigrants in Tarifa Harbour who were trying to enter. They were hidden in a boat and jumped into the sea when the boat anchored.

18/01 Ceuta
Four Algerians tried to get to Ceuta, swimming, after having jumped from a commercial ship. Two were rescued by the Guardia Civil, two others have disappeared.

18/1/2015 Melilla
Attack onto the fences by more than 1000 people in 3 groups of 400.

19/01 Ceuta
Two migrants were intercepted by the Moroccan Marine near the coast of Ceuta.

20/01/2015 Ceuta
One subsaharian migrant is severey injured after having tried to jump the fences.

20/01 Ceuta
two people tried to swim to Ceuta, they were rescued by the Moroccan Marine.

22/01/2015 Ceuta
Attack on the fences by 300 people, 14 succeed.

26/01/2015 Grenada
First boat with 22 (4 women) arrived, another one with 17 people.

27/01/2015 Greanada
Boat with 3 Moroccan enters.

30/01/2015 Melilla
30 people try to enter Melilla, one person succeeds.

30/01/2015 Melilla
A boat with 31 migrants broke down, 9 bodies were found, 10 people were saved and 15 people have disappeared according to the official sources.


01/02/2015 Melilla
400 people attack, some dozen people stay on the fences for 7 hours, then pushed-back to the Moroccan police

03/02/2015 Ceuta
Attempt by 50 people to pass the barriers, 6 remain on the fences for several hours, and were then pushed-back by the Guardia Civil

04/02/2015 Ceuta
180 people try to enter in two groups. As far as we know, they were all pushed-back.

06/02 Ceuta
Transnational Commemoration for the people killed while they were trying to get into Ceuta swimming, on the 6th of February 2014

06/02 Melilla
A group of 300 and another group of 50 people try to enter.

06/02 Ceuta
A boat with 31 people on board intercepted in the Strait of Gibraltar, they were taken to Tangier.

Moroccan government announces end of the regularisation process and begins a large-scale raid and deportation campaign in the different forests around Nador and Melilla. More than 1000 people arrested and deported.

10/02 Melilla
Attack with 35 BOZA, a dozen people stayed on the fences but were pushed-back. Several wounded.

11/02 Motril
36 people rescued and taken to Motril

13/02 :
The raids in the forests continue. 1000 migrants are taken into different makeshift camps in Southern Morocco, awaiting deportation to their country of origin:

13/02 Ceuta
Two Guineans arrive in Ceuta, swimming.

14/02 Tarifa
Arrival of 17 people who crossed the Strait of Gibraltar in an inflatable boat

14/02 Motril
Arrival of 7 migrants

Interception of a boat with 6 migrants by the Moroccan Marine

19/02 : Melilla
Attack by around 100 people, 30 manage to pass, 20 remain on the fences and are finally pushed-back.

25/02 : Tarifa
10 Migrants, amongst them one woman and a child are rescued while they are crossing with an inflatable boat, they were taken to Tarifa.

26/02 : Ceuta
A boat with 7 people intercepted by the Moroccan Marine while they were trying to get to Ceuta, they were pushed-back to Tangier.

26/02: Ceuta
A boat with 10 people saved by the Spanish Red Cross.

26/02 : Ceuta
One migrant falls dangerously while trying to climb the fences and is taken to the Ceuta hospital, two others are arrested by the Moroccan police.

26/02: Nador
The police comes back to Boringo forest (Selouan), they destroy nearly all the tents and dwellings.

27/02 : Tarifa
14 migrants, amongst them 5 women, are rescued while they are crossing, they were taken to Tarifa.

28/02: Tarifa
19 people arrive in Spain

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