March & April 2015 at the Moroccan-Spanish border

4 boats : 146 migrants were rescued, among them many children and women

3 boats arrived at Almeria
1st : 54 subsahariens, among them 09 women and 05 children
2èmé : 14 subsahariens among them 1 woman
3èmé :  17 North africans

05/03 CEUTA
2 North Africains swam to Ceuta

05/03 MOTRIL
1 boat with 19 men and 4 women
1 boat with 3 migrants rescued

05/03 Canaries
One patera with 18 migrants declared disappeared after some days of investigation
10/03 Maroc
Liberation of 500 migrants of the 1200, who were arrested in the forests during the raids on the 10th of february and detained in 13 detention centers in the south of Morocco.
11/03 Lanzarotte
Investigation on a boat with 30 migrants, 6 of them women und 5 children: 18 survivors, 4 dead (2 men, 1 woman and a child) found

11/03 Melilla

50 migrants tried to cross the fence: 5 Boza, 1 person gravely hurt. A dozen people rested for some hours on top of the fence until they were pushed back.

12/03 ALMER1A
1 boat with 11 migrants came from Tangier

Boat with 10 or 11 persons arrived in the region between the south of Murcia and the eastern coast of ALmeria.

15/03 Cartagène
After 3 days of investigation a boat with 13 migrants was rescued.

17/03 CEUTA
A migrant found under the motor of a boat

18/03 CEUTA
one migrant passed the fence

19/03 ?
Boat with 18 subsaharian persons, among them 4 women

21/03 CEUTA :
15 person tried to cross the fence,  3 BOZA !

22/03 CEUTA
One migrant arrived swimming to Ceuta
23/03 Melilla
The fourth person to be found within one week hidden in the fond of a car

Boat with 20 people, 3 women, 3 babies

24/03 CEUTA
Ceuta 4 boza: 2 Algerians and 2 persons from Tunesia arrived in a fishing boat

24/03 CEUTA

« Les policiers ont la preuve que le plus grand nombre de ces immigrants sont entrés cachés dans le double fond de véhicules. »

24/03 MOTRIL
Boat with 17 people, among them 2 women and a child

25/03 Melilla
220 migrants tried to jump the fence

25/03  CEUTA
Boat with 4 migrants 4 BOZA

26/03 CEUTA
Ceuta 2 BOZA, hidden under the motor of a boat

27/03 CEUTA
One boat with 7 migrants

28/03 CEUTA
at the fence, 3 Boza, one person gravely hurt

28/03 MELILLA:
12 Boza, after 70 people tried to jump the fence
30/03 Tarifa
13 BOZA in boat, 1 woman

30/03 Ceuta
2 boza in a car

Last night, the Moroccan Marine intercepted 4 motor boats between Tangier and Tarifa. 40, 37, 16 and 13 people are still with the police, they are being put on buses in order to be deported to another Moroccan city further south.

O2/04 Almeria
Patera of 30 migrants localized  “ in moroccan waters” and pushed back to Morocco NOT BOZA!!!!!!!!

05/04 Ceuta:
8 BOZA in patera..

05/04 Ténériff :
13 Boza, 3 of them children

04/04 Motril
28 boza among them 6 women and 2 children

05/04 Ceuta Barrières
Various attacks on the fence and 6 Boza this week

06/ 04
Boat with 5 migrants stopped by moroccan police : No BOZA

O7/04 Melilla
Attack on the fence by 400 migrants: No boza

11/04 Almeria (from Salvanento maritino)
26 Boza in patera

13/04: Ceuta
20 persons tried to cross the fence, 5 blessés, all arrested and put into prison by moroccan police

14/04 Melilla
Attack on the fence by 300 migrants: No boza.

15/04 Ceuta
2 Boza

19/04 Ceuta
9 Boza in a Zodiac

20/04 Ceuta
3 boza hidden in a truck

21/04 Ceuta
15 migrants among them 3 enfants intercepted by moroccan police


Police harrassing people who live in the forests around Nador, arresting some, burning personal belongings and tents

25/04 Ceuta
3 Boza in a patera


A boat with around 22 people was intercepted by a moroccan soldier at a beach in Tangier. The soldier tried to puncture the zodiac, and drowned in that process. All the boatpeople were arrested and taken to the commissariat, where an investigation for murder was opened. As the autopsy of the dead Moroccan didn’t show any signs of physical aggression, the boatpeople were released.

26/4 CEUTA
2 Boza swimming

26/04 Ceuta
4 mineurs tried the passage but were intercepted by moroccan police.

29/04 et 30/04 Nador
New raids in the forests around Bolingo the police forces. The camps as well as all personal belongings were burned by the police. Several people (many women) were arrested and later released.

28/04 Almeria
23 Boza in a boat
28/04 Ceuta
15 + 15 tried to cross the bordes via the sea. No Boza
29/04 Ceuta
7 boza
30/04 Motril
22 Boza in a boat

Rapport du comité contre la torture année 1014


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