Another 22 murders by the fortress Europe? 22/06/2015

Yesterday, the Salvamento Maritimo ended its search for a boat with 22 people who had left from somewhere near AlHoceima. After 2 days of intense search with boat and helicoptres, from Tangier to AlHoceima and Tarifa to Almeria, we fear that the 22 people have lost their lives on sea – another 22 murders by the fortress Europe.

Condolences to the families and rage against the borders.

As a small consolation, a couple of boats have also survived the dangerous journey in the past couple of days.On the 19th, 10 people were saved in the Strait of Gibraltar, and 5 people entered Ceuta by boat.On the 20th, 19 people of North African origin were rescued and brought to Motril, and 19 people of Subsaharian origin bozaed in Almeria. Here are some photos from the rescue:

Yesterday, one person was saved from a floating device, off the coast of Tarifa.

BOZA and welcome to Europe!

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