Confrontations in Boukhalef (Tangier) 24/06/2015

1Last week, a group of racists marched to protest against the presence of Subsaharan migrants in Boukhalef. Migrants and other Moroccans living in Boukhalef together stopped the protest and calmed the situation.

In the night  from 21-22 June 2015, a group of racist Moroccans threatened a migrant house, accusing them of selling alcohol during Ramadan, and forced the migrants to move out of their homes.
Yesterday night (22-23 June), the violence intensified. A large group of Moroccans forced further migrants in Boukhalef out of their home (men, women, children, migrants with carte de séjour), throwing migrants’ belongings out of the house and on the street (mattresses, fridge, baby carriage, cushions, clothes, bags, tables, etc). They took the things they like with them and left the rest on the street. Many were equipped with sticks and throwing stones, two injured persons were brought to the hospital Mohamed V afterwards, one migrant with a broken nose which may need an operation.
During the aggressions, some migrants were hiding in their homes, others were on the street trying to calm things down together with Moroccan
friends. After several hours of ignoring phone calls, the Moroccan police arrived briefly around 2am, and then drove off again, deciding to wait outside Boukhalef while the problems inside continued.

The trial of the murderers of Charles Ndoye, who was killed in Boukhalef in August last year, has again been rescheduled by the Tangier Court of Appeals.

Press article :


People with sticks and stones in front of a migrant house


Migrants’ belongings thrown on the street (house 1)

Migrants' belongings thrown on the street

Brief appearance of a Surêté National van

Migrants’ belongings thrown on the street (house 2)


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