We need support!

No Borders Morocco is part of the wider No Border Network, and organises according to the principles of non-hierarchy, anti-racism, solidarity and diversity of actions. We are a grass-root organisation, which is why we always need financial and personal support. If you can donate some money, please get in touch:


If you can get involved personally, we are looking for people who

  • are interested in getting involved on the long run, either from Europe or in Morocco

  • are familiar with migrants’ struggles, have a general understanding of the European border regime, are connected with solidarity networks and activists

  • can communicate in English and speak some French/Arabic/Spanish/Wolof/Bambara/etc.

  • have media, publishing, video-editing or formatting skills

  • have fundraising experience, or can organise fundraisers

  • are aware of their privilege and the complex relations between gender, race and class

Furthermore, we try to offer some material support in order to increase the safety at sea of people traveling. That’s why we are asking people to collect/recycle/obtain any of the following items:

  • protective clothing, baby clothes, sleeping bags, blankets, tents
  • medicine and bandages, food supplements, baby food
  • photo cameras, torches and headtorches
  • reflecting objects and clothing (e.g. bike reflectors, high visibility vests), emergency signals or lights (e.g. read/orange lights)
  • compasses and telephones (particularly smartphones with GPS function)
  • life vests, waterproof clothing and plastic sheets

Lastly, please get in touch if you know of anybody traveling south with capacities for transporting some items.

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