Update from Northern Morocco

Since the evictions in the beginning of July of the flats squatted by migrants, the situation hasn’t improved. The former occupants of the houses are now spread out in the forests around Boukhalef, close to the airport of Tangier. They sleep outside on cardboard and have to travel many kilometers to come to the city. Only a minority has been able to rent a room in the Medina or in Miznana. 
The police continue to haress Subsaharans and they prevent people from getting together in groups bigger than 5 people. There has been a reinforcement of the security at the coasts to prevent migrants from trying to cross. 
The situation in Nador:
The 18th of July there was a raid in the forest of Bolingo. No one was arrested. At the moment the police only arrest people at the markets in Selouane and Nador when they try finding some food.  
Despite this repression, dozen of migrants have managed to cross the Mediterranean in the last days, amongst them Syrians, Algerians and Subsaharans. But the majority of the boats were intercepted by the Moroccan Navy and the boatpeople were brought back to Tangier.
Neither the repression in Morocco, commissioned by Europe, nor the security apparatus at the border will prevent this migration. This apparatus will just make crossing more risky and will only feed into the walltes of the people organizing the crossings, whom the EU wants to make responsnible for the “accidents” and deaths in the Mediterranean. 
But who are the real responsibles?

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