After the evictions – on the outskirts of Boukhalef

Since the evictions in early July, the housing situation in Boukhalef has been similar to Cassiago (Ceuta) or Nador (Melilla): most of the people live in the forests, without shelter.
Generally, not all Subsaharans are denied a room. But for the majoriy, it’s not an option because the landlords often ask for a at least 2 month financial guarantee – from people who have nothing, or even worse, they ask for a rent contract – from people who don’t have papers. Nevertheless, there are some houses in Doha and Miznana (2 neighbourhoods a bit before Boukhalef) which are currently overcrowded by Blacks.

Others live dispersed in several forests in the surroundings of Boukhalef. People spend their day on the streets of Boukhalef, looking for some little business (selling cigarettes, or coffee, or braiding hair) or they are begging.

Some forests are quite far away, so you have to walk at least 3km, and the living conditions are problematic.

The following pictures have been taken in the forest next to Aswak Assalam, a little before Boukhalef. There are around 400-500 Cameroonians there (women and children included) who live there, in difficult circumstances. People try to get by somehow, in order to build a little bunker (forest shelter), to find some jerry cans for bringing water, to repair some shoes or clothes, or to have some pots on a little fire for cooking a collective meal.


When it comes to sleeping arrangements, some have some plastic sheets, others sleep in the conditions you can see in the pictures below:




Before, it was already difficult, now it’s even more critical. After the repression by the moroccan police in boukhalef, that’s the current situation! How people say: Boukhalef is finished now.
Everything you see in the pictures, that’s the direct consequence from the european border policies! These living conditions of Subsaharans, it’s not just Tangier, it’s the whole of Northern Morocco. Europe always speaks of human rights, but this is the result of their policies: always to the disadvantage of Black people!


Ze Pelmel and some other activists from Tangier
(with C’s photos)


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