About the efficacity of the borders: 87 Bozas in Ceuta and 400 Bozas in pateras in two days!

The 3rd of october, 200 migrants tried to climb the fences in Ceuta. 87 of them managed to climb the fences and to reach Ceuta by swimming. 13 of them were wounded and transported to hospital. Here is a full article with photos (in Spanish)
On the Moroccan side, there were really lots of migrants who tried to cross who had to suffer from serious violence by the Moroccan police. There were many ambulances on the Moroccan side which went back and forth.

After this attempt to cross, the Moroccan police conducted raids in the forests around Ceuta, in Boukhalef (Tangier)and Nador. We were told that buses were around in order to deport the migrants who were arrested.
The situation in Tangier is still very tense. The comrades tell us that the police hassle migrants every day, especially when they try to sell things or beg. There were even a couple of deportations to Rabat, by the Moroccan police. Yesterday, there were also fights after a football match, fans attacked subsaharan people, but also other Moroccans.
Furthermore, a Cameroonian friend was wounded by the police in Tangier, he put a video on facebook which shows the seriousness of this wounds:


At all the borders, the migrants are blocked, Calais, Ventimiglia, Morocco, Lybia…. facing fences and armed security forces who are ready for anything. They can’t go back. They can’t pass these devilish borders in order to reach Europe, risking arrest or suffering the disproportionate violence from the border guards, or leaving their lives.
For a world without borders

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