New deaths at the Spanish-Moroccan border in Fnideq (Ceuta, Northern Morocco)

Following another raid by the Moroccan auxiliary in the shelters of migrants in Castillejos/Fnideq near Ceuta, two young Cameroonians died from suffocation or burns, according to reports (30 Nov 2015). 
‘According to the Spanish NGO Caminando Fronteras, yesterday (Monday 30 Nov) around 10:30 the auxiliary forces started an operation to dislodge Sub-Saharan migrants who had taken refuge in the caves situated behind the hotel Ibis close to the border with Ceuta. According to the NGOs, the authorities lit a fire to try to dislodge the migrants from the caves.

According to testimony gathered by the Spanish agency EFE, some Sub-Saharan migrants started to flee from the security officers, whereas others decided to take refuge in the interior of the caves. Then, the security forces started a fire to burn the belongings of Subsaharans they found inside. Afterwards, they fired tear gas, which would have lead to the asphyxia of the migrants trapped in the cave. The witness quoted by EFE explains that two Cameroonian nationals aged 25 and 26 died in the operation. Source:En French here  
In Spanish here
For several years the Moroccan police and auxiliary forces have been carrying out raids in the forests and neighbourhoods where migrants live while waiting for a way to cross the border into Ceuta or Melilla, or to go directly to coast of mainland Spain. These raids display extreme violence, where migrants suffer harassment and abuse, and their tents and belongings are destroyed by fire. 
Since february this year, these raids have intensified, becoming systematic and regular, with the Moroccan police and auxiliary forces being particularly violent. Migrants are arrested during the raids and brought to the South of Morocco, several kilometres away from the border with Spain.
These two new assassinations make the list of the dead at the Spanish-Moroccan border even longer. These are not accidents, like the investigation by Moroccan authorities will conclude, but the result of systematic violence directed against migrants at the Spanish-Moroccan border. These are murders.
Some people die during the raids, some people drown, some people die when trying to cross the fences at Ceuta and Melilla.
Europe does not want more migrants and uses all means to prevent cross-border movement into the Schengen area, by granting significant military and financial support to neighbouring countries, in this case Morocco, in exchange for political and economic agreements.
This is what the states and their borders are also for: to segregate, to file, to block, to exclude and deport. For Europe, the dead, the drowned, and the traumatised in this war against migrants are ‘collateral damage’, inevitable in the rush to ‘secure’ borders. 


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