Ceuta: 25/12/2015: 185 Boza, 2 deaths, many injured

The night of the 25/12/2015 several hundred migrants tried to enter Ceuta by jumping the fence or by swimming. According to mainstream media, 200 tried to jump the fences while another 200 tried to enter by the sea.
Mainstream media said 185 managed to enter Ceuta, many of them got injured by the barbed wire. Twelve of them have been hospitalised and are in a very bad condition. It seems like the attempts to enter are met with extreme violence.
According to the Moroccan government more than a hundred have been pushed back to Morocco.
According to a source on location, many were badly injured on the Moroccan side. Two Cameroonians “drowned” and two people have disappeared. Other sources talk about 9 deaths.
The people who were pushed back have been deported to the south of Morocco to Tiznit. Here they have joined other displaced migrants who now live in a very precarious situation, since the ongoing raids in the north of Morocco, which have been taking place for several months. http://www.leseco.ma/decryptages/grand-angle/39707-de-tanger-a-tiznit-pourquoi-le-maroc-refoule-t-il-les-migrants-2.html

Following this attempt to cross the border, more raids have been carried out around Ceuta and in Boukhalef in Tangier as a means of repression by the Moroccan Auxiliary Forces.
A migrants’ association denounces the repression in Ceuta and Melilla (in French):

Boza interview Fr / Esp

On 02.06.2014 during an attempted crossing to Ceuta with 500 migrants, 15 of them were killed by the Guardia Civil. A first commemoration was organized in February 2015.
A new commemoration is organized in Europe and Morocco this 06/02/2016

A Testimony of the murders in february 2014 here: https://beatingborders.wordpress.com/2014/08/21/temoignages-des-migrants/

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