AUGUST 2016: A non-exhaustive summary of passages, deaths or disappeared and of border repression between Morocco and Spain

Despite the reinforcement of the militarisation of the borders between Morocco and Spain a lot of people manage to sneak through. After information from mainly mainstream media 876 migrants passed the borders, 16 were declared missing and some boats got intercepted by the moroccan Marine.

Associations in northern Morocco claim the constant and intense raids and arrests that still take place in the cities and forests in the north. A new, quite worrying incident happened in Spain, the 30th of august 52 migrants who arrived at Malaga have been taken straight to the police station after their arrival without getting medical assistance by the red cross. This was denounced by entrefronteras.


6 pateras, 130 boza within one week
Helena Maleno Garzón ‏@HelenaMaleno 31 juil. El Ejido, Espagne
108 personas salvadas en 5 #pateras (#Cartagena y #Almería). Magrebíes y
Subsaharianos. Nuestra #FronteraSur

SALVAMENTO MARÍTIMO Compte certifié ‏@salvamentogob
Tercera #patera del día y para el Helimer 202. Salvamar Mimosa rescata a
30 #personas. Llega a Cartagena sobre 17:30

22 (10+12) Boza in two pateras

34 Boza
SALVAMENTO MARÍTIMO ‏@salvamentogob 20 hil y a 20 heures
Sasemar 101 ve quinta #patera 21 millas E isla de Alborán. Guardamar
Polimnia rescata 34 #personas. 20:20 en Almería

7 Boza

In the mountains of Morocco

Still groups of hundreds of people wait in the forests of Morocco to enter Spain. We visited one of the camps.

51 Boza

5 patera: 30+12+15+10+35 = 102 boza

30 Boza

35 Boza

12 Boza
Helena Maleno Garzón a retweeté SALVAMENTO MARÍTIMO
Segundo rescate de 12 personas procedentes de Argelia. Se reactiva la
ruta argelina #Frontera Sur

15 Boza from Algeria

And one alert
Helena Maleno Garzón ‏@HelenaMaleno
Nos alertan familiares de una #patera que salió de #Castillejo. La zona
donde más vidas se han perdido este verano.

12+20 Boza
Retweeted Cruz Roja Almería (@CruzRojaAlmeria): Buen estado de salud de
las 12 personas rescatadas de la #patera…
Cruz Roja Murcia ‏@CruzRojaMurcia 5 août
Esta madrugada @CRE_Emergencias atendió a 20 personas inmigrantes en
#Patera remolcada por @salvamentogob #Cartagena

11 Boza

64 Boza

7 Boza

2 pateras intercepted by the moroccan Marine

31 Boza


1 patera intercepted by the moroccan Marine

A second patera with 7 people was detected by the SM and then taken by the moroccan gendarmerie

Search for a patera with 9 people

9 clandestine passengers were found hidden on the ferry Motril-Melilla


Alarm at the borders

900 migrants in the forests of Ceuta are “ready to cross the borders”: massive mobilisation, police repression along the coastline nd in the forests!

Attempt of passage at Benzu by 300 migrants despite the enormeous security measures!

Arrests, raids ++++++++

Video of the ttempt of passage the 13th 08.


What about the court case of the seven migrants arrested at Gourougou?

Article about the people who are accused of having willingly set the forest of Gourougou on fire.

9 disappeared drowned: borders kill (searched for since the 11/08)

8 boza

One body found

3 Patera: 85 Boza

Secured beach at Benzu/Ceuta

Ceuta and Melilla: Effective Borders!

(EN) “The fortified fences of Ceuta and Melilla, 6 meters high and covered with barbed wire, have been revealed as effective. The massive crossing attempts of subsaharan migrants are over, for now. There is as well a growing pressure of the moroccan police on the illegal subsaharans in the bigger cities in northern Morocco. These facts contribute to the migrants search for new routes to the spanish coast, longer, more dangerous and more likely to end their dreams drowned in the sea.”

The most recent deaths in the straight of Gibraltar, 9 senegalese men who didn’t give a signe of life after their distress call at sea the 11th of august:

10 Boza
Sedrick Royal
Gisteren om 10:45 · Tingis, Tanger-Tétouan, Marokko ·

4 boza

11 Boza Maghrebins

42 boza

9 Boza
33 Boza


Fences of Melilla

Attempt by 150 migrants: 40 to 50 Boza

The Guardia Civil and the moroccan forces estimate to have hold back 110 illegal immigrants trying to enter in a large group.”

Et avalanche de Razzia
Javier Baeza ‏@14kilometros
Vergüenza de @elpais_espana migrantes: avalanchas y *razas*
#librodestilo #Periodismoramplon #microracidmo



Moroccan Marine intercepted one boat with 33 migrants

Association Marocaine des Droits Humains – Section Nador

33 other migrants on boats have been intercepted by the moroccan Marine.…/

Spanish authorities got informed by a civil association about a sailing boat carrying 33 migrants, amongst them six women and three children and launched a search and rescue operation in the seas of Alboran with planes and boats. After a spokesman of the coast guards the search by the spanish has been suspended after the information by their moroccan counterparts who informed about the interception of the boat by the moroccan Royal Navy.

20 boza

10 Boza, 6 men 3 women and one baby


7 disappeared
Helena Maleno Garzón ‏@HelenaMaleno
Familiares siguen sin noticias de las 7 personas que iban en la #patera
esta mañana. La búsqueda ha finalizado #FronteraSur #Dolor

Family still without news about the 7 people who where in the patera this morning. The search was suspended #FronteraSur #Dolor
Helena Maleno Garzón ‏@HelenaMaleno
“Vamos a morir” #patera con 7 personas en el ##Estrecho. #FronteraSur
Helena Maleno Garzón ‏@HelenaMaleno
Zakarías junto a 6 compañeros desapareció esta semana en el
#Estrecho.Familiares y amigos destrozados. #FronteraSur

Raids: 20 arrests
Association Marocaine des Droits Humains – Section Nador

Raids against subsaharan migrants are start again in Nador. Today, friday the 26th of august the police and the forces auxiliaires arrested some 20 migrants in the city. Fridays migrant men, women and children come down to the city to ask for help in front of the mosques and roundabouts. The forces auxiliaires apparently took this occasion to start again their raid operations. The arrested migrants are taken to the commissariat of Nador, amongst them a migrant called Abeyador shows his legal papers.

53 boza

3 patera 50 boza
Association Marocaine des Droits Humains – Section Nador

After the spanish marine there have been 50 subsaharan migrants stopped at sea close to Melilla on board of 3 pateras who started at the Arekmane close to Nador.…

28 Boza
SALVAMENTO MARÍTIMO Compte certifié ‏@salvamentogob 28 août
Sasemar 101 localiza segunda #patera 21 milllas ESE isla Alborán y
Guardamar Polimnia rescata 28 #personas +. Llegada #Almería sobre 20:50 h

22 boza magrhebins


11 Boza

et 9 Boza

et 33 Boza

60 boza en 24h
Cruz Roja Murcia ‏@CruzRojaMurcia 49 minil y a 49 minutes
Equipo de @CRE_Emergencias atiende a 60 personas inmigrantes llegados en
#Patera en las ultimas 24h #Cartagena

Melilla fences
10 boza
Association Marocaine des Droits Humains – Section Nador

In a courageous attempt this tuesday 30th of august, where almost 50 subsaharan migrants tried to cross from Farkhana, 10 bozas were registered. Two successful attempts in august. Despite all the blockades the migrants who are not able to pay the passage try and succeed. Bravo.…/

52 Boza


Denouncement of entrefronteras of 52 detained migrants at Malaga

Yesterday arrived in the port of Malaga 52 migrants, including several children and 9 women. All were arrested by the police, including the 3 taken to hospital. Police prevented the newly rescued migrants had health and hygiene assistance, many left their jackets, with a bag of clothes in hand and to the police station. We were not allowed to sit after spending nearly 24 hours at sea, they also left with wet clothes and many barefoot, showing that the authorities banned the proper attention to migrants Red Cross. Meanwhile the Port Police with National Police from doing a proper job to journalists who denounce the violations, a safety barrier was installed with blind and cut images vans National Police hindering our work. On the other hand port agents they invited us out after recording our Insitus where we denounced this continuing series of irregularities in the Southern Border

17 boza
Cruz Roja Almería ‏@CruzRojaAlmeria 16 hil y a 16 heures
Rescatan a 17 personas de una #patera y se dirigen al puerto de
#Almeria, movilizamos Equipos de #Emergencia. #ERIE·

8 boza
#BOZA 8 personnes cette matin convoi sortir #Tánger arrive #Tarifa

PASSAGES and walls

2016: 2300 migrants in 95 pateras!

The impermaility of landborders: 793 boza in 6 months

Border Morocco Algeria: new wall

Melilla fences
Association Marocaine des Droits Humains – Section Nador

After spanish sources, 1400 subsaharan migrants have tried to access Melilla by the fences in the 8 months of 2016. About 100 Bozas have been counted.…/1400-%d9%85%d9%87%d8%a7%d8%ac%d8%…

Convicted “traffickers”

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