Summary for September 2016 of crossings by sea and land and repression at the border between Morocco and Europe.


Brief summary for September 2016 of crossings by sea and land and repression at the border between Morocco and Europe.

In September, there were still many attempts to cross by sea or land from Morocco towards Spain.
-More and more Maghrebians (Algerians and Moroccans) try to cross.
-Two attacks at the fences: the first one in Melilla with 100 Bozas, the second in Ceuta with more than 200 people. In Ceuta they were met by heavy repression by Moroccan and Spanish police, pushbacks, many were seriously injured and deported to the south of Morocco. 4 people bozaed.
-A high number of “pateras” try to cross, it is often difficult to know the exact number. There are more and more bozas, but also more and more travellers intercepted by the Moroccan marine.
-Some questions arise about the faith of migrants arriving at the Spanish coasts: Some associations denounce detention of migrants upon their arrivals. At the same time medias present interceptions as “rescue operations”.

July and August 2016
1000 bozas at the Andalusian coast.
17 pateras to Almeria, 353 Boza

52 migrants left without care and arrested by the police upon their arrival.
Entrefronteras has added three new photos
Denouncing: Yesterday, 52 migrants arrived in the port of Malaga. Amongst them were several minors and nine women. They were all detained by the police, including the three transferred to the hospital. The police prevented the migrants who just arrived from accessing sanitary and hygienic care, many went to the police station with their life vests and a bag of clothes. They were not allowed to sit down after having spend 24 hours at high sea, moreover they came with their wet clothes and many of them bare feet, which shows that the authorities do not allow the Red Cross to take proper care of the migrants. Meanwhile, the Port Police together with the National Police prevented journalists denouncing the violence from doing their job; by making a barrier with their van making blind angles, the National Police was hindering us from doing our job. On the other side the port agents invited us to leave after having recorded our videos in which we denounced this series of irregularities at the southern border.
16 Algerians boza

Interception of two pateras by the Moroccans
Helena Maleno Garzón ‏@HelenaMaleno : « Se hace rogar la confirmación de si Marruecos ha interceptado las dos #pateras en peligro en el #Estrecho. En una de ellas viajaban 3 niños. » (confirmation that Morocco has intercepted the two pateras in danger in the Strait (of Gibraltar). In one of them three children travelled)

The fences around Ceuta
1 Boza out of a group of 5

Herido un subsahariano al cruzar el perímetro fronterizo

Helena Maleno Garzón ‏@HelenaMaleno :
« Uno de los momentos de más alegría es cuando desde la #patera ven el
helicóptero. Acaba de pasar. Localizadas 10 personas en #Estrecho. »
(One of the greatest moments of joy is when people from the patera see the helicopter. This just happened. 10 people localised in the Strait).

8 Bozas

33 Bozas

Llegan al puerto de Motril los 33 inmigrantes de una patera rescatada en el Mar de Alborán

2 Pateras, 33 Bozas
IndependienteGranada ‏@IndeGranada :
« Dos embarazadas y una niña, en segunda patera recatada en aguas de
Motril en menos de 1 día »
(Two pregnant women and a girl in a second boat in the waters of Motril in less than a day).

29 Bozas of Sub Saharans

15 Bozas
SALVAMENTO MARÍTIMO ‏@salvamentogob : « Salvamar Algenib rescata 15 #personas de una segunda #patera a 31 millas. SE Gata. Llegada a #Almería sobre 18:00h. »
(Salvamar Algenib rescues 15 people from a second patera at 31 miles. SE Gata. Arrived in Almeria around 18.00)

Attempt to cross by 250 migrants at the fence of Melilla.
100 Bozas
A big attempt trying to reach Melilla took place this Sunday the 4th of September. Many bozas,but also injuries and arrests.

Más de 100 subsaharianos logran saltar la valla y llegan al CETI

AMDH (Moroccan Association of Human Rights) – Nador section
“During our tour to Gourougou to witness the violations carried out in the attempt this Sunday where almost 30 migrants were arrested, AMDH discovered the extent of the violations towards the nature and the forest of Gourougou. A sad landscape, a true ecological catastrophe where some hectars of forest were cremated, including the place of the old camp where migrants used to live. For who’s benefit has the Gourougou forest been destroyed?? At the same time the urbanisation with « beautiful » villas goes on and an uncontrolled speculation has emerged. Gougogou, “the lung” of Nador and Melilla is in danger.

AMDH (Moroccan Human Rights Association) – Nador section :
According to data collected almost 150 migrants from Central Africa participated in the attempt last Sunday, leaving from Gourougou, mainly the camps of Joutia. AMDH Nador witnessed the arrest of some 30 migrants, some which had been led on to two buses and others still at the police station in Nador. These migrants of Guinean, Burkinian and Malian nationality were waiting for their deportation. Spanish press talks of more than 100 bozas.

12 Boza

43 Boza
AMDH (Moroccan Human Rights Association) – Nador secion :
The flux of young Moroccan wanting to leave for Europe continues. Spain claims to have intercepted a patera with 43 young people on it departing from the cost of Nador yesterday.…

34 Bozas

Rescatada una patera con 34 inmigrantes, entre ellos un bebé, cerca de la isla de Alborán

AMDH (Moroccan Human Rights Association) – Nador section :
Arrest of three migrants hidden in a vehicle at the border of Béni

Tarifa, Motril, Malaga
179 Bozas on 6 pateras


100 Maghrebians in four pateras, out of them 50 were arrested for illegal migration.…

Migrants arrested upon their arrival
REFUGEES. More than 200 refugees
Migrants arrêtés à leur arrivée from Sub Saharan Africa were intercepted by the Spanish authorities at the Mediterranean coast. Bare feet, wet and with their life vests on, the migrants were arrested without any humanitarian intervention.

20 Bozas « detained »

AMDH (Moroccan Human Rights Association) – Nador section :
Another arrest of four migrants at the border Béni Ensar who were caught hidden in a car this Monday.…/%d8%b3%d9%84%d8%b7%d8%a7%d8%aa-%d…

Canary Islands :
15 Bozas of Magrhebians

50 didn’t boza
A patera with 50 people which got lost was saved by the Moroccans. They spend 39 hours at sea.

36 Bozas in four patera

#Boza convoy with eight people left Tangier and arrived in Tarifa.
#Boza convoy with ten people left Tangier and arrived in Tarifa.
#Boza convoy with eleven people left Tangier and arrived in Tarifa.
#Boza convoy with seven people left Tangier and arrived in Tarifa.

And 31 other Bozas

45 Bozas

Rescatados 45 varones de una patera localizada a unas cinco millas al oeste de la isla de Alborán

3 pateras, 50 Bozas
15+9+26, all Algerians

Canary Islands
Empty patera found : Boza?
239 people attempted to cross the fences at Ceuta : 120 were cought between he fences. 65 others were stuck on the fences.

Intento de salto masivo a la valla de Ceuta

Video :

Intento de salto masivo a la valla de Ceuta

Pushback by Spanish police of 60 migrants, handed over to the Moroccan police. Many injured, some arrested and deported by the Moroccan police.
Five Bozas, taken to the hospital.

Translation of post by the activist Helena Maleno (Collectif
Caminando Fronteras) concerning a pushback on Saturday the 10th of September at the fences of Ceuta:
“The situation here was dramatic. At least 20 teenagers, of which the youngest was 13 years old, were amongst the hundred people pushed back. Facing this serious violation of the children’s right, the UNCHR has also indicated to the government that “no legal frame can help identify a minor at the border”.
The hundred people were arrested. More than half were injured to varying extents. The people received first aid and some were hospitalised because of serious fractures and limb amputation. However, the majority, after having had a consultation, were forcefully deported towards the south of the country by bus. The injured people, of whom many couldn’t walk, regrouped little by little in cities like Fes, Meknes, Casablanca and Tangier…”
Here you find the post in Spanish with the photos of injured people :

Diverse reactions :


Críticas de Acnur, el Defensor y Caballas por las devoluciones

Fronterasur :

Defensor del pueblo:

Inmigrantes en la valla de Ceuta


Unicef sobre las devoluciones: “Ningún marco legal puede impedir que se identifique a un menor”

Reaction of progardiacivil

19 Bozas in two pateras
#FelizDomingo: Rescate nocturno de 19 #personas de 2 #pateras por
salvamares Alkaid y Hamal. Ya en #Tarifa y #Motril
(Happy Sunday. Nightly rescue of 19 people in two pateras of Salvamares Alkaid and Hamal. Now in Tarifa and Motril.)
53 Bozas

Rescatados 53 subsaharianos en una patera en Alborán que serán trasladados al Puerto de Motril

17 Bozas of Maghrebians

GRACIAS patrullera Vencedora de la Armada por localizar y escoltar la 3ª
patera de hoy. Rescatados esta semana: 417 #personas de 19 #pateras
(Thanks to the Vencedora patrol boat of the navy for localise and escort three pateras today. This week 417 people in 19 pateras were saved)

AMDH (Moroccan Human Rights Association) – Nador Section
20 minutes -El Aïoun Sidi Mellouk, Oriental, Morocco ·
Attack with blated weapons of a Ivorian migrant in Boulingo close to Nador. Yesterday, the 11th of September around 20.30 a group of bandits attacked a migrant in Boulingo, injuring him badly all the way to the bones. After a delay of almost three hours the injured person was taken to the hospital in Nador where he was given the necessary medical attention. The thieves had taken his money and his phone. AMDH Nador has for a long time denounced the existence of criminal gangs close to the migrants’ camps, without the Moroccan authorities taking serious steps to stop this. Note that in 2015 two cases of murder was reported.

15 Bozas in two patera, amongst them two women and a baby.

Many injured following an attempt to cross the fences, and repression and raids in the forests.

Ingresados en hospitales marroquíes varios inmigrantes con heridas graves

Three migrants arrested in the CETI for « throwing stones «  while crossing the fence last week!

Tres inmigrantes del CETI detenidos por el apedreamiento a los agentes durante la devolución del sábado

10 Bozas

30 Bozas

Llegan a Motril los 30 inmigrantes rescatados de una patera en el Mar de Alborán

39 Bozas of Maghrebians “intercepted” by Salvamento

Helena Maleno Garzón ‏@HelenaMaleno, Hassan, Morocco
#patera con 9 personas interceptada por la marina en el #Estrecho. Sigue
la búsqueda de una segunda con 10 personas (1 mujer y 1 bebé).
(Patera with nine people intercepted by the Marine in the Strait. The search for a second one continues (with one woman and one baby).

54 Bozas

Llega al Puerto de Motril la patera localizada en el Mar de Alborán con 54 personas a bordo


17 Bozas (Magrhebians)

18 Bozas
AMDH (Moroccan Human Rights Assosiation) – Nador section
Oujda, Oriental, Morocco
18 Bozas, amongst them one pregnant woman, rescued from a patera which left the coast of Nador on Wednesday the 21st of September.…/%d8%ae%d9%81%d8%b1-%d8%a7%d9

Canary Islands
66 Bozas

54 Bozas, 6 women

En buen estado de salud la embarazada rescatada en la patera trasladada al Puerto de Motril

11 Magrebians Boza

A patera with 44 people was intercepted by the Moroccan Marine
Helena Maleno Garzón ‏@HelenaMaleno
#patera con 11 personas (2mujeres y 1bebe) a la deriva en #Estrecho.
Marruecos intercepta otra embaracion con 44 personas en #Alhuceimas
(Patera with 11 people (two women and a baby) was drifting in the Strait. Morocco intercepted another vessel with 44 people in Al Hoceima.)

29 Bozas

Two pateras, 18 Bozas

Nador : Raids and destruction
AMDH (Moroccan Human Rights Association) – Nador section
Oujda – Oriental – Morocco
This Thursday, the 22nd of September, a new raid of the migrants’ camps in the forests of Nador was carried out by the Moroccan “Forces Auxiliaires” around 7am. The destroyed camps were Bekoya, Lakhmis, Akdim and Boulingo. No one has been arrested so far, but the plastic shelters were destroyed. This destruction of the shelters came together with the first rain, which means that the migrants, women, children and men, will live for several days or weeks without shelter, as we know the delivering of plastic is more and more delyed by the administration of the migration delegation.


Nine Bozas, Algerians detained upon their arrival

Added the 23rd Sept. 2016
In the last hours four vessels were intercepted by the Spanish Salvamento Maritimo, rescuing around 80 migrants, who have been sent to different ports in the region. During the first seven months of 2016, the migration flow in this zone has increased by 30%, which means that 4000 people has been assisted. teleSUR…

11 Bozas

7 Bozas

10 Bozas in one patera
Three pateras prevented by Morocco

Helena Maleno Garzón ‏@HelenaMaleno
Rescatada una patera con diez personas en el Estrecho. Otras tres fueron
arrestadas por Marruecos.
(One patera with ten peope rescued in the Strait. Three others were arrested by Morocco).

82 Bozas
Helena Maleno Garzón·
Deux #BOZA `a #NADOR:
#BOZA convoi avec 32 personnes (5femmes et 1bebe).
#BOZA convoi avec 50 personnes (6femmes et 3bebes).
Tous arrive #MOTRIL
(Two Bozas from Nador.
Boza of a convoy with 32 people (five women and a baby)
Boxa of a convoy with 50 people (six women and three babies)
All arrived in Motril).

Salvamento Marítimo rescata a los 82 ocupantes de dos pateras cerca de la isla de Alborán

11 Bozas
SALVAMENTO MARÍTIMO Verified account ‏@salvamentogob
#Patera rescatada por Salvamar ALKAID con 11 personas a bordo (10
hombres y 1 mujer) . Llegada aprox. a Tarifa a 12:00 h.
(Patera with 11 people (10 men and one woman) rescued by Salvamar ALKAID. They arrived in Tarifa around 12 o’clock).

Six other pateras intercepted by Morocco.
Helena Maleno Garzón ‏@HelenaMaleno Sep 26
Helena Maleno Garzón Retweeted SALVAMENTO MARÍTIMO
Solo una de las #pateras llegaron a #Tarifa, el resto, al menos 6 fueron
detenidas por Marruecos.
(Only one of the pateras arrived in Tarifa. The rest, at least 6, were detained by Morocco).

35 Bozas

El Fortuny rescata una patera a la deriva con 35 inmigrantes, entre ellos una niña

15 to 20 Bozas

Palazón dice que han entrado 20 inmigrantes en patera, pero no llegan al CETI



Young Moroccans blocked at the Algerian border.…
Young Moroccans blocked at the Algerian border?? And others in prison??

According to radar pesse, well informed sources, the unit of Algerian border gards arrested this week dozens of young Moroccans trying to enter the national territory passing l’Aïd al-Adha with their families and relatives. They were taken to different Algerian prisons, waiting a legal process following the accusation of clandestine migration, a crime punished by between one and six months of prison. At the same time dozens are still blocked along the border, waiting for an opportunity to sneak into Moroccan territory.

Moroccan / Algerian border : Arrests for illegal immigration :

Niger : the new European border

And numbers :

AMDH (Moroccan Human Rights Association) – Nador section
15th of September at 20.06 – Oujda, Oriental, Morocco
In a report by the Moroccan minister of interior affairs, they congratulate themselves for having stopped 26000 migrants reaching Europe. Without a word about the violations committed during these arrests, the role as the “guardians of the southern border” has been well played by the Moroccan authorities.…/%d8%a7%d9%84%d9%85%d8%ba%d8%b1%d8…

AMDH (Moroccan Human Rights Association) – Nador section
Oujda, Oriental, Morocco
Report by IOM. 2476 migrants and refugees have reached Europe from the north of Morocco, and 61 have died in the sea.…/politique/decryptage/18263.html

AMDH (Moroccan Human Rights Association) – Nador section
26th of September, Oujda, Oriental, Morocco
3800 migrantsrescued in 2016 in the Mediterranean by the Andalusian authorities.…

Sube la llegada de inmigrantes por mar frente al descenso de saltos a vallas en Ceuta y Melilla

2005 Ceuta and Melilla

Once años de la noche más trágica


And for the Red Cross :

opération Paso del Estrecho (OPE) (operation in the Strait)
The Guardia Civil prevented 704 migrants from boarding illegally.

La Guardia Civil evita que 704 inmigrantes embarquen ilegalmente durante la OPE



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