Non exhaustive summary of January 2017

The war against migrants waged by Morocco and the EU at the Moroccan / Spanish border has resulted in more injuries, deaths and disappearances at the start of this year. Following the intense repression from the Moroccan police in the cities, camps and forests in the north of Morocco, many migrants try to cross the border, something that results in serious, sometimes deathly, accident.

The police, the army, the borders kill!

Abolish Fortress Europe!



First convoy of the year

52 Boza


13 Boza


First attempt of the year – of 1100 migrants – to jump the fence

First pushback of the year of 104 migrants

The first two deaths of the year


The bishop of Tangier, Santiago Agrelo, has publicly denounced that two young people from Cameroun and Guinea Conakry were killed in the attempt to jump the fence around the border with hundreds of other people last Sunday. He also claimed that another young Cameroonian lost an eye during the incident.

And he rejects the declaration by the delegation from the government of Ceuta, which charactarises the incident as « extreemly violent and organised »



1 patera with 7 people intercepted by Morocco

Helena Maleno Garzón @HelenaMaleno

7 people on a #patera ask for help in the Strait. They say that the rubber was punctured and that they are semi-wet. #FronteraSur (translated from Spanish)


9 Boza Algériens …

4 Boza


35 Boza


29 Bozas


Attempt to cross

Association Marocaine des Droits Humains – Section Nador

Failed attempt to cross the border at the border point Farkhana today the 2nd of January at 6am, Apparently no one was able to enter Melilla. We saw a strong mobilisation by the Moroccan authorities this morning, including the use of planes. (translation from French).


During the 3 first days of the year: 300 Bozas in 16 pateras, 2 deaths…/

#FRONTERASUR 2017 is three days old, and more than 300 migrants have arrived at the Andalusian coast. They have taken the Mediterranean route, thus starting the year with a great danger. The migrants arrive on ever more precarious boats, without life jackets and overcrowded. These photos from the photographer Miguel Pachón, Fotografí the arrival of 52 people to the port of Malaga (translated from Spanish).


30 Boza


33 migrants intercepted by the Moroccan Navy


52 Boza

Málaga Urgente@MalagaUrgente

Intercepted and taken to the port of #Málaga one #patera with 52 people, six of them women. One transferred to the hospital Carlos Haya. (translated from Spanish).

Cala Pii

4 Boza


2 pateras 64 Boza


Association Marocaine des Droits Humains – Section Nador

Several dozens of migrants who were arrested today are now at the gendarmerie and the police station of Nador, waiting for their refoulement. (translated from French).

Exposure of pushbacks



30 Boza

SALVAMENTO MARÍTIMO Verified account @salvamentogob 33m33 minutes ago

Salvamar HAMAL doesn’t stop. It helped a fisher with mechanical problems 62 NM from Motril. Afterwards it rescued a #patera with 30 migrants. (translated from Spanish).

32 Boza


GermanGarea@GareaGerman 2h2 hours ago

#Fuenlabrada RT HelenaMaleno: Alert from a #patera with 50 people in Alborán. And 10 people ask for help in the Strait. Have a good day …(translated from Spanish)

Moroccan immigration


Association Marocaine des Droits Humains – Section Nador

The arrests and refoulements of migrants in Nador continue. Almost 40 migrants are at the moment arrested at the office of the gendarmerie of Nador, waiting for their deportations in two bussus. Amongst them are migrants who wanted to present their demand for regularisation at the office in Nador. (translated from French).


45 migrants pushed back, 3 deaths!

Association Marocaine des Droits Humains – Section Nador

What really happened in Nador the morning of the 4th of January off the coasts between Beni Chiker and Melilla? The Moroccan authorities claim in one of the rare declarations to have rescued 45 migrants, of whom on remains in intensive care at the hospital Hassani in Nador, and to have recovered three bodies of dead migrants. Waiting the results of the autopsy done to the three corps, information has been gathered from migrants, telling another version of the story. This information asserts that the boat that departed from the coasts o Beni Chiker had Melilla as its destination. The boat was first intercepted by the Spanish Guardia close to Melilla. Instead of rescuing the migrants and bringing them to Spain, knowing that there as at least one woman and one child amongst them, the Civil Guard passed on the boat to the Moroccan authorities (gendarmerie) which proceeded arresting all the migrants. The question remaining is: when, and under what circumstances were three migrants found dead???
Did the death occur before or after they were intercepted by the Spanish Civil Guard??? Were the migrants thrown in the sea when the Civil Guard spotted them???
Only the testimonies of the rescued migrants will give us the true facts.

3 bodies, one woman and her child
(translated from French)

Association Marocaine des Droits Humains – Section Nador

The migrant drama continues in Nador. Today, the 4th of January, the hospital Hassani in Nador reveived the corps of three migrants, amongst them a mother and her child. 45 other migrants were arrested at sea by the Moroccan authorities. (translated from French).


163 Boza in 4 pateras

Helena Maleno Garzón@HelenaMaleno

Four #pateras in Alborán, 163 people. At least 28 people adrift. On the ground there are raids and tears x the #NaufragioNador

2 patera: 28+50 Boza


Attacks of the camps in Nador

Association Marocaine des Droits Humains – Section Nador

Urgent… since this morning the 5th of January, all of the migrants’ camps in Nador have been attacked by hundreds of members of the Auxiliary Forces. A large-scale operation, while the regularisation campaign is open. Smoke is visible from the camp, and people are arrested. The beginning of the year is full of violations for the migrants in Morocco. (Translated from French).

Association Marocaine des Droits Humains – Section Nador

Today, for the first time, the Auxiliary Forces brought lorries for their attacks of the camps. In Boulingo the authorities carry on dismantling the camp. All of the migrants’ possessions (plastic sheets, blankets, food, kitchen gear, clothes) have been thrown into these lorries and taken to an unknown destination.


108 Boza

Helena Maleno Garzón@HelenaMaleno

#Patera with 30 people in Alborán. 108 people called for rescue this morning from the area of #FronteraSur

28+55 Boza


50+28 intercepted by Morocco


Arrests of « passengers»



50 Boza , 7 hospitalised after 3 days of drifting



The dicipline of fencing, or how to criminalise / victimise the poor migrants versus the evil mafia of migrants


28 Bozas

27 Bozas

80 NGOs denounce the pushbacks :



32 Bozas

Sonia Moreno@sonietamb

#BOZA #patera with 32 people (9 women and 2 babies) left from #Tánger and arrived at Tarifa. Vía @HelenaMaleno



9 Bozas

Reopening of the trial against the Civil Guard for the acts at Tarajal in 2014

4th “Marche pour la dignité” in commemoration of the deaths and against the impunity will take place in Ceuta on the 4th of February 2017:



Helena Maleno Garzón@HelenaMaleno

The #patera with two women, one baby and eight men is still missing despite ongoing search. 19 hours in #Estrecho (the Strait). 19 hours og anguish. (translated from Spanish)


Association Marocaine des Droits Humains – Section Nador

Yesterday, the 12th of January 47 migrants were arrested in Nador (commune Arekmane) by the gendarmerie. (Translated from French).


21 disappeared

14 km 40 hours 21 people disappeared. Infinite pain. Days of shame at our #FronteraSur (translated from Spanish)


8 Bozas, one woman dead, two disappeared

5 corps


8 corps, 7 disappeared……

« The raids in Morocco push hundreds of migrants to cross the Strait earlier this year » :

-Around 600 people have arrieved in small boats at the Andalusian cost in January. Seven migrants died this weekend, trying to cross the Strait.
– The good weather and the dismantling of camps where migrants wait to cross the border have led people to depart in the beginning of 2017.

-« The Moroccan police entered the forest, came to the fields and destroyed everything, burned the hoses where we were » says a newly arrived Gabonese in Malaga.

19+23+43 + 34 Boza

Helena Maleno Garzón@HelenaMaleno 1h1 hour ago

Rescued 42 people in Alboran en two pateras (19 ans 23). Following the search of 43 people #BOZA #FronteraSur


Association Marocaine des Droits Humains – Section Nador

Almost 20 SubSaharan migrants arrested by the gendarmerie today the 15th of January, after an accident with the vehicle transporting them. According to the first information, no one is seriously injured. (Translated from French).

Interzone Voices

19 January 22:11 ·

From the 9th – 15th of January the Moroccan Auxiliary Forces (MAF) conducted brutal raids on the migrant community living in the forest camps of Bolingo.

Our source in the forest said they arrived in the early morning destroying our camp and forcing us to run to the top of the mountains to hide from them.

During the raids, the military arrested several people some of whom were beaten and deported to Fez or Meknes.

The rumor amongst the neighbouring Moroccan villagers is that the camp was raided as the community were accused of being drug dealers.

According to our source the raids have, for the moment, ceased.


“Rescue of a patera in danger, interrupted for the night : would they do this if they were French?” :

-This weekend seven people died in the Strait, amongst them one baby, and some ten have disappeared.

-The family of Brenda, one of the victims, fear that she will be burried in Ceuta before they can identify her from France where they live.

-Samuel (four years), his mother Vero, Larissa Brenda, Djibril Merlin, Abdourrahmane, Thiare … are some of the names of the deceased collected by the NGO Sergio Rodrigo – Málaga – Cádiz


Association Marocaine des Droits Humains – Section Nador

The arrests continue in Nador. Almost 60 SubSaharan migrants were arrested close to the border with Melilla today, the 16th of January. The migrants were transported to the headquarter of the gendarmerie while awaiting their removal. (Translated from French).


Association Marocaine des Droits Humains – Section Nador

Nador always makes exceptions: parallel to the opening of the second phase of the regularisation of migrants, the authorities of Nador have launched vast campaigns of arrests, attacks on the camps, and removal of migrants out of Nador. These practises deprive the migrants in Nador of their right to present their request for regularisation at the open office in Nador.



24 Bozas



Arrest of two « passengers »


12 Bozas



10 migrants rescued and arrested by the Moroccan Navy




55 bozas

3 pateras, 24, 29 and 45 migrants intercepted by the Moroccan Navy

Helena Maleno Garzón@HelenaMaleno

We are alerted to another #patera with 55 people. Morocco intercepted two others with 24 and 29 #FronteraSur (translated from Spanish)

To the 45 people in danger in Alborán, we added 49 more from a second #patera. They were adrift shortly after leaving Morocco. #FronteraSur (Translated from Spanish)


Association Marocaine des Droits Humains – Section Nador

Today, the 26th of January, the Force Auxiliaries raided almost 50 SubSaharan migrants in Nador, amongst them two migrants who have the residence card, and others who have applied for regularisation. All of the migrants are now at the headquarter of the gendarmerie in Nador, waiting for their removal. The two who provided their residence card were let out.



49 Bozas after 48 hours of drifting, found in the Algerian Search and Rescue zone!


Association Marocaine des Droits Humains – Section Nador·

Saturday the 28th of January 23 migrants were arrested at the border points of Beni Ensar and Farkhana in two smuggler’s vehicles.…/%d8%b6%d8%b1%d8%a8%d8%a9-%d8%a3%d…



31+42 BOZA


2017, a camp in the Sub-Saharan migrant community situated in the forest of Casiago, Morocco was burned out by the Surete Nationale soldiers. The following photos were taken by a West African attempting to cross to Spain via the razor wire fences that surround the city of Ceuta, the Spanish enclave within Morocco. The burned camp. The camp that was destroyed by the police on the 29th January, beating people as they did so. [ 142 more words ]



8 Boza

42 Boza

31 Boza

SALVAMENTO MARÍTIMO Verified account @salvamentogob

Salvamar GADIR rescues 1ª #patera with 8 men at 10M O #Tarifa. We are still operating with Salvamar ARCTURUS and HELIMER 202 (translated from Spanish)

SALVAMENTO MARÍTIMO Verified account @salvamentogob Jan 29

Guardamar Polimnia rescues 42 #personas from 2ª #patera, localised by Helimer 219. Arriving in #Almería with 73 rescued around 20:30. (translated from Spanish)


Discovery of a childs body

A migrant child which seems to be dead on a beach in Cadiz, could have been in a boat that sank on the 12th

This weekend the Civil Guard found the body of a child aged between five and seven of SubSaharan origin, on a beach of Barbate (Cadiz)

The child, still not identified, could have disappeared with his mother in a small boat that sank in the Strait in the middle of January.



30 Boza


11 Boza, 3 disappeared.


Gathering « No more deaths in the Mediterranean » after three more drowned on the 30/01

The call for the event comes after the disappearance of these three people and after at least six died trying to reach Cadiz. “We all question the deaths, and if this is caused by an injustice” say the organisations in the call for the gathering, calling for participation of citizens to reject “the injustice causing forced migration” and “inhuman methods of border control”.

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