Remembering February 6th 2014


06/02/2017:At the start of this year the Spanish court ordered the reopening of investigations into the killings by the Spanish border police Guardia Civil in Tarajal at the beach of Ceuta that took place on February 6th 2014.

On that day, when a group of around 400 migrants attempted to swim across the border at Ceuta, the Guardia Civil responded with batons, rubber bullets and tear gas. At least 15 people were killed and many more were seriously injured. At least 23 people who reached the shores of Spain were deported to Morocco without being given the right to claim asylum. Since then, Spain has passed a law allowing its border police to refuse people the opportunity to apply for asylum.

It took over a year until a judge made the decision to officially investigate the 16 Guardia Civil officers who committed the killings. The Spanish government admitted that rubber bullets had been used only after extensive video footage and witness testimonies came forward, as during the initial investigations the Spanish authorities maintained that the Guardia Civil fired only into the water and that no migrants had been hurt.


Just after the anniversary of February 6th, No Borders Granada visited Tangier, to understand better the situation in Morocco and how links can be strengthened for a borderless world.

The Granada collective made a short video from the protest that took place in Ceuta on February 4th, including many messages of solidarity and strength from people who had crossed to Spain over the fences, directed to people fighting for freedom of movement in Morocco. The film was screened in Tangier and a discussion followed with testimonies from migrants about the brutal conditions in Morocco.

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