Mass arrests in Tangier


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On 9th November, the Boumla – the police – arrested people in the areas of Boukhalef and Medina in Tangier. One person arrested estimated that there were more than 80 people (all from sub-Saharan Africa) being held in the police station – including people with UNHCR papers and valid passports (having stayed in Morocco for less than 3 months).

Women were released in the evening, whilst men were kept overnight. One woman got sick in the police station and had to be taken to hospital, whilst one man was had been injured by the Boumla. The next morning, the Boumla released many people, and deported 18 people to Fez, over 4 hours drive away. Often the police take their phone, documents and any money the person has with them, so that when they are kicked out after a deportation they have none of their belongings with them or means to get back to Tangier.

Arbitrary arrests and deportations are a daily reality for anyone considered to be sub-Saharan by the Boumla, whether they possess the “correct” documents or not.



Le 09 Novembre 2016, le Boumla -la police- ont arrêté beaucoup de monde à Boukhalef et dans la Medina de Tanger. Une des personnes arrêtée estime qu’il y avait plus de 80 personnes (tous subsaharien) au commissariat de police, dont des personnes avec des papiers de UNHCR ou/et des passports valides.

Les femmes ont été libérés le soir,les hommes ont été maintenus toute la nuit. Une femmes est tombée malade au commissariat et a été amenée à l’hôpital. Un homme a été blessé par la Boumla. Le lendemain matin beaucoup ont été libérés et 18 personnes ont été déportées à Fez. (4 heures de route). Souvent la police prend possession de leur téléphone, documents et argent qu’ils ont sur eux. Ainsi lors de leur libération après leur déportation ils n’ont plus rien pour essayer de revenir à Tanger.

Ces arrestations et déportations arbitraires par la Boumla sont les réalités du terrain pour toute personne considérée comme subsahariens même si il possède le bon document.

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01/11 Ceuta
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Destruction in Boukhalef

After the raids, deportations and murders from the first week of October, the Moroccan authorities continue to instill terror in the migrant communities.
The majority of attacks has so far been concentrated on Cassiago (Ceuta) and Nador (Melilla) but Saturday a week ago (10th of October), the police started destroying the camps and personal belongings of the migrants living in Tangier.
Following the big raids and deportations in July, the migrant communities which used to live in the squatted houses in Tangier found themselves in the streets. Due to their resilience, those Tangier residents built themselves a life in the forests and fields around Boukhalef, see the situation here.

On Saturday, 10th of October), the police came to the “Cameroonian forest” at the entrance of Boukhalef (next to Aswak Assalam, the big supermarket), and to the little Senegalese forests next to the airport. They destroyed the camps, burnt the modest sleeping spaces, arrested and deported people, and made life for migrants even worse.
Here are some pictures and videos, taken and filmed by migrant activists, which show the scope of destruction.

(In French, with English subtitles)



What remains of the sleeping spaces and “bunkers”…

And personal belongings, spread around and ripped apart:

From now on, the residents of those camps are sleeping in the streets, dispersed, and without any means.