Transnational Action Day in Tanger in memory of the victims of the Tarajal Tragedy

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This is just the beginning!

Transnational Action Day: Stop the War Against Migrants! On the 6th of February 2015 in Tanger, Morocco, as well as in different european countries, people were gathering to give a sign against the murderous border politics of the EU. conmemoration events take place In London, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Madrid, Barcelona and Tanger to remember the more than 15 people that have been killed by the spanish border police (Guardia Civil) exactly one year ago on the fence. For this reason more than 80 people come together in Tanger to lament the deaths of their comrades, amongst them many migrants who survived the attack of the Guardia Civil. Continue reading

Programme pour les actions du 6/7 Fevrier au Maroc ( Fr, Engl, Arabic)

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Programme pour les actions du 6/7 Février au Maroc:

  Vendredi, 6 Février

11.00h : Sit-in devant le consulat espagnol a Tanger

14.00 : Exposition des photos et ceremonie de commemoration – (Ibn Batouta, Iberia)

17.00 : Messe de la commemoration des victimes de la Plage de Tarajal (Église Catholique de Tanger)

  Samedi, 7 Fevrier

15.00 : Commemoration devant les grillages à Fnideq

Ces actions seront organisées par:

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International Call-out for 6th February action

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Call-out to all affected by the war waged by the European Union against migrants and refugees.

On 6th February 2014, hundreds of migrants were trying, in a collective action, to overcome the border at the Spanish enclave Ceuta, by sea. The Spanish Guardia Civil, in response to the attempt to enter EU territory, fired on the people in the sea with rubber bullets and tear gas. Moroccan police, supported by racist inhabitants, also participated in the deadly hunt.

15 persons were officially reported dead, and yet over 50 were missing! Thousands more have been killed, injured and pushed-back illegally through the Spanish-Moroccan border since.

A year after this murder – in addition to many others that caused the death and disappearance of migrants – we still demand the member states of the European Union to respect the fundamental rights which must be guaranteed for every person in the world, not only for western citizens.

We express our solidarity with all migrants who risk their lives, continuously pushed to take the desert and the sea to get through the brutal security measurements of the fortress europe and their execution by north-African authorities. Continue reading