5 new songs uploaded to Interzone music!

5 new songs uploaded to Interzone music!

Interzone music is a project in Tangiers that seeks to give migrants a greater voice by helping them make their stories and opinions into songs which are then free to download online. if you care about the situation of migrants in Morocco and want to help publicize it, or if you just like the music, please help to spread it to others

Support Migrants’ Resistance to EU Funded Police Corruption in Morocco!

Imagine living for years in a country that you only ever wanted to pass through, where people throw stones at you on the street for the colour of your skin, and where you know the police will get handsomely paid for arbitrarily detaining you.

That’s the situation that thousands of migrants from West Africa find themselves in currently in Morocco. Because of the proximity of the Moroccan port city of Tangiers to the European mainland, and because Spain, an EU country, is occupying two cities (Ceuta and Melilla) on the North coast of Moroccom thus creating a land border, this predominantly Arab country is a major migration routes for predominantly Black West Africans seeking a better life in Europe.

The majority of these migrants intend merely on working in Europe, legally or illegally, until they have saved up enough to be able to return to their home countries and improve the conditions of life for their families. The dedication of these mostly young men to their families’ future wellbeing is incredible: many of them are the sole hope for their entire extended family, which has often invested all it has and gotten into debt in order to finance their journey.

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