Ceuta: 185 Boza, des morts, des blessés

La nuit du 25/12/2015 plusieurs centaines de migrants ont essayé d’atteindre Ceuta en attaquant les barrières ou/et à la nage

Selon certaines mainstream media 200 ont essayé de sauter les grillages et 200 autres de rejoindre Ceuta par la mer.

Selon certains mainstream media 185 ont atteint Ceuta dont beaucoup blessés par les barbelés. Douze ont été hospitalisés dans des états graves.Ils semblent que ces tentatives de passages se sont passés dans une extrême violence.

Selon le gouvernement marocain plus de cent ont été refoulés vers le Maroc. Continue reading

After Gourougou and Boukhalef – destruction of migrants camps in Oujda

The Moroccan authorities continue their campaign of repression against migrant communitites in Northern Morocco, by destroying their infrastructure and deporting them in large numbers.

Screenshot from 2015-08-18 23:08:01
The “Fac” in Oujda (a city close to the Algerian border), an occupied part of the Mohamed I university, has served as a place of shelter for migrants for several years. Although the tent town was quite hierarchically controlled, e.g. by certain business structures, it was nevertheless an important part of the migrants’ infrastructure. People coming over the border from Algeria, people who had suffered injury and received treatment in the Oujda hospital, or people needing to take a break from the toil and terror of the forest camps – they could find some days of rest in the occupied Fac.
However, last Saturday around 3am in the morning, Moroccan security forces surrounded the camp, evicted and destroyed it, arresting around 200 people. Nearly half of them were set free after a short time, because they were minors or in possession of papers, the other half was rounded up and deported to cities in the centre and South of Morocco (e.g. Taza, Rabat), as a report by the AMDH details. Continue reading