Welcome to Europe

Welcome to Europe

For us, everybody should have the right to chose where s/he wants to live – independently of where one was born. We fight for freedom of movement and for collective BOZA!

That’s why for us everybody is welcome in Europe. We hope we can provide travelers and migrants with some useful information how to get by in Europe, how the asylum and migration system works, to what extent the European countries are different from each other, and how to get support and help.



There are a lot of groups and individuals in Europe who are in solidarity with migrants and freedom fighters. We think it’s always better to get in touch with those groups, to understand the situation, to get legal advice and support! Don’t trust the state authorities! In most cases, their aim is to deport you!

There is a webpage which has a lot of useful information and contacts, you can check it out here: www.w2eu.info

If you have questions you can contact them via the contact page or via email contact[at]w2eu.info


We are also writing a guide with more detailed information about Spain and Melilla. So keep checking this page!

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