Who are we?

No Borders Morocco is a lose network of European and Migrant activists, based in/between Morocco and Europe. Our aims are twofold: First of all, we support migrants in their daily struggle against the deadly European border regime in Northern Morocco. We help make their voices heard and support their political actions. Secondly, we aim at bringing the externalised European borders back into the consciousness of European societies. We try to raise awareness about how the European Union causes and finances suffering, violence and political repression at its borders (Spain) and in its buffer zone (Morocco).

Donate to our crowdfunder & help us keep supporting the self-organisation of migrants in Morocco!

We are a part of the international network of activists known as No Borders. http://www.noborder.org/ This network has no central leadership or membership structure so anyone who is committed to the right of all people to freely cross borders, direct action against border controls and practical solidarity with undocumented migrants can consider themselves one of us.


Email: nobordersmorocco@riseup.net

Blog: beatingborders.wordpress.com

Twitter: #NoBordersMaroc

FB: No Borders Morocco

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