Dezember 2015: Boza, push-backs, deaths

Even with the fierce repression of the moroccan forces at the borders, the raids in all the camps where migrants seek refuge, the push backs which are regularly been made by the spanish Guardia Civil, migrants continue their struggle for passing the borders. The risks they take are as high as the messures by the moroccan and european authorities to prevent them from entering. Unfortunately, as at every european border, the deaths and the partially severly injured have to be counted.
A non-exhaustive summary

01/12 Malaga
41 Boza amongst them 4 women and 2 children, 5 have been brought to hospital

01/12 Gran Canaria
10 to 15 Boza

02/12 Gran Canaria
60 Boza

04/12 Almeria
27 boza

04/12 Melilla
3 boza
From our secial informant: “Yesterday, there have been three Boza at Melilla!”

4/12 Melilla
7 migrants have been pushed-back “according to the legal situation” says a representative of the government.

05/12 Gran Canaria
47  boza

05/12 Almeria
20 Boza

06/12 Gran Canaria
51 Boza

06/12 Motril
59 Boza, 14 women and 7 children

06/12 Melilla
A boat with 7 migrants has been repelled to Morocco.
The associations PRODEIN and Andalucia Acoge expressed the disagreement with the affirmation of the representative of the government of Melilla. They write: to repell a boat which already is in spanish waters is a push back at sea and is hence illegal.

07/12 Gran Canaria
47 Boza

07/12 Algécira
2 Boza

07/12 Ceuta
15 Boza
Helena Maleno Garzón ‏@HelenaMaleno 8 hil y a 8 heures
#BOZA 15 #PERSONNES #Ceuta #nomastragedias

08/12 Mer Marocaine
A boat with 39 migrants: 23 survivors, 11 found bodies, contradictory information and a complete silence about the details.
38 deaths?

Communiqué du gouvernement guinéen suite à la mort de 38 guinéens au large des côtes marocaines

09/12 Almeria
52 Boza !

09/12 Ceuta
11 bozas

10/12 Ceuta
35 boza last week and some injured

And another 11 boza

09/12 Melilla
“Yesterday 17 Syrians (amongst them 6 children and 3 women) who chose not to claim asylum in Melilla, decided to return to Morocco via the border crossing of Beni-Ansar. The persons layed on the ground the whole day in this “no mans land” without having the chance to go to the moroccan side.
Finally they have been repelled to Melilla and brought back to the CETI. This was not a singular case, last friday there have been a dozen Syrians trying to leave Melilla the same way.”

14/12 Almeria
17 Boza

14/12 Ceuta
10 boza

15/12 Almeria
17 Boza after 11 days at sea.!/la-patera-buscada-en-canarias-aparece-al-sur-de-la-peninsula?platform=hootsuite

16/12  Essaouria
Push back of one boat with 15 people who have been at sea since 04/12

18/12 Gran Canaria
26 boza

18/12 Malaga
29 Boza from Alhuceima
Source Cruz Roja Málaga ‏@CREMalaga

19/12 Ceuta
19 boza

19/12 Ceuta
5 non Boza, push back?

19/12 Ceuta
12 Boza

25/12: Ceuta
185 Boza, deaths and injured

30/12 Ceuta
9 boza

31/12 Ceuta
17 Boza

The year 2015:
Ceuta: 1790 Boza, amongst 47 women and 43 minors
Costa andalouza
3149 Boza in 174 boats
Gran Canaria
844 Boza in 28 boats, 239% of 2014

09/12 The pressure in the north of Morocco opens new ways of migration!

14/12 Deportation to Tiznit

16/12/2015 Ceuta et Melilla: centre de tri

27/12: Algérie

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