November 2015: Boza, push back, Deaths

Non-exhaustive summary

In November several migrant  died  by drowning, when climbing fences, during the police assault or by the Forces Auxiliaires. Migration pressure remains permanently present, despite the repression, the raids, deportations to deter migrant (s) of the northern border of Morocco. The migrant (s) are seeking new ways to reach Europe. These paths become increasingly dangerous, which cause more deaths. Fortunately some (s) still manage to reach their goals.01/11 Ceuta
Burial of a second immigration this week: Identity unknown

01/11 Gran Canaria
ouf: 25 Boza!

03/11 Ceuta
18 Boza

03/11 Gran Canaria
18 Boza!/llega-una-patera-al-sur-de-tenerife

04/11 Ceuta
Two migrants stuck in a car and taken to hospital

05/11 Fez
Camp 500 migrants

06/11 Canary Islands
Push back: Patera with 48 migrants “recovered (e) s” after 50 hours at sea by the Moroccan Navy!

06/11 Almeria
3 pateras, 40 boza

06/11 Almeria
13 Boza. The two “pilot” sub-Saharan arrested!

Cartagena 07/11
12 Boza

08/11 Ibizza
3 boza

09/11 Tanger
Always arrests follow-up deportations from Tanger Tiznit! At Misnana police returned to the apartments for deported migrants in Tiznit, Thursday, 5.11, 100 migrants were deported. This morning of 9/11 still a migrant was seriously wounded in the head by police in Moroccan Misnana. His friends accompanied him to the hospital.
Source: Camara Laye Coordinator Council of Sub-Saharan Migrants in Morocco CISPM / Morocco

10/11 Malaga
Three bodies found two women and a man!

11/11 Ceuta
19 Boza

11/11 Almeria
21 Boza

11/11 Tiznit
A Camp 300 deported migrants

12/11 Almeria
33 Boza

12/11 Western Mediterranean Sea
Push Back

Motril 13/11
Boza 33 from El Hoceima

Cartagena 14/11
9 boza

14/11 Ceuta
1 patera with 28 PUSH BACK by civil Guardia

16/11 Ceuta
11 Boza

16/11 Ceuta
150 migrants attempting the crossing fences: noBoza

17/11 Tanger
Since 6am 16/11 of 35 migrant (s) have been arrested (s), including minors and two women, one pregnant.
More than 24 hours later they were still locked into two vans without any hygiene or food. The pregnant woman felt unwell the night, she was taken to hospital.
Source: Camara Laye Coordinator Council of Sub-Saharan Migrants in Morocco

17/11 Almeria
16 Boza

17/11 Ceuta
21 Boza

17/11 Malaga
17 Boza

18/11 Gran Canaria
24 missing, 1 dead, 22 survivors

Caminando Fronteras denounces
Alarm Phone Statement: ‘Deaths at the south-western US Border: Why About did the rescue operation-start only 8 hours later?’

That’s happened during the tragedy of 18/11?

18/11 Almeria
12 Boza

and 2 other Pateras: 9 + 20 Boza

Motril 19/11
25 boza

19/11 Ceuta
13 Boza
“We had to act quickly because otherwise it would have been a tragedy,” said a Civil Guard officer who was involved in the rescue operation. ”

20/11 Malaga
27 boza

20/11 Tanger
Pushback: 10 migrants

Motril 20/11
A woman found corp

20/11 Barbate
14 Boza

21/11 Ceuta
16 Boza

21/11 Melilla
Attempting to pass fences: 3 boza, two very serious injuries
And migrants perched on fences pendant12 hours!
Passage of the 21/11 mesh: 4 boza, other pushback and deported?

Two seriously injured:
1/12 It is learned that one of the two injured is the end of life without any hope and the second recovered physically but large neurological problems: It is not possible to know to what extent he will find his memory , presence of mind and speech.
NoBorders Morocco Source

21/11 Tanger
31 people arrested and deported Boukhalef
Source: NoBorders Morocco

21 /11 Barbate
Three pateras 63 Bozas

23/11 Tarifa
Boza: 7 men, 3 women and 1 baby

Motril 24/11
58 Boza

24/11 Tanger
19 people were arrested on 23/11 at Tangier (Boukhalef), then detained and after they were transferred to the sea, to Tangier Med to pretend they were arrested in the water. One person was hospitalized following the coup and wound she received from the police. 24/11 they were still in Tangier without any hygiene or diet.
Source: Camara Laye Coordinator Council of Sub-Saharan Migrants in Morocco CISPM / Morocco

30/11 Tanger / Ceuta
The region of Ceuta and Tangier is emptied of African migrants who are deported to southern Morocco. At a huge roundup Sub-Saharan two are DEAD, asphixia by a fire lit by the forces auxilères!,43749.html

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