November 2016.The borders kill.

After the jump in Ceuta where more than 200 people crossed on the 31th of October, the repression the repression is intense. And yet the borders are not impossible to cross as the EU and Morocco want them to be. Many pateras arrived in Spain this month, and several people have died or are badly injured after their attempt to cross.
The borders kill !

232 bozas in one day!


7 bozas by Maghrebians

AMDH (Moroccan Human Rights Association) – Nador Section (translated from French):
“Arrests of migrants continue in Nador. The number reached around twenty who were all deported in a bus yesterday the 1st of November around 5.30pm.”

Four pateras rescued by Salvamento Maritimo
Salvamento Maritimo (translated from Spanish):
“4 #pateras rescued by Salvamar Mimosa 12 miles from Cabo de Palos. 11 people transferred to Cartagena.

51 bozas

Gran Canaria
57 bozas

AMDH (Moroccan Human Rights Association) – Nador Section (translated from French):
“Today, the 3rd of November the police in Nador have arrested 29 Sub Saharran migrants at the beach “plage d’Arekmade”,amongst them five women. They are all held in the police station in Nador.”

109 bozas, 6 pateras

Alicante, 9 bozas

Almeria, 21 bozas
B.Ahlèm (translated from Spanish):
@campsoscar #Guardiacivil localised them, and they hoped that help wouldn’t arrive too late. There were 21 migrants in this #pstera approaching #Orán #Almeria

Murcia 11 Bozas

10 travellers intercepted by Morocco


10 bozas
InfoEmergencias (translated from Spanish):
Salvamar ALKAID rescues #patera with 10 Sub Saharans at 12.5 miles south eastof Tarifa
They arrived in Tarifa at 10.30

39 bozas, amongst them 14 women and 10 babies

55 bozas


AMDH (Moroccan Human Rights Association) – Fes – Saïs section (translation from French):
Report about the situation of irregular migrants
Office of the Moroccan Human Rights Association Fes/ Saïs Fès le 4 Novembre 2016
Résumé :
”Considerable Sub Saharan migrant influx in Fes Many injured, amongst them minors, of which some have been hospitalised. They have been victims of physical violence from the Moroccan border police during their attempt to jump the fences at Ceuta the 31st of October 2016 and the 1st of November. A Guinean minor suffered injuries from an incident in which the Spanish Guardia Civil fired blanks at them, as they were pushed back to the Moroccan territory.
The office of general direction of Fes/ Saïs is making the two countries, Morocco and Spain, aware of the necessity to respect their international obligation to guarantee migrants’ rights, in particular the rights of migrant minors. An investigation will be opened, in coordination with Spanish human rights associations, following these statements and the disclosure of the violence used to stop migrants from entering Spanish territory, in order to determine where the responsibility lies.”


28 bozas in two pateras
Salvamento Maritimo (translated from Spanish)
In the night Salvamar gadir rescued 11 #people in #patera and brought them to #Barbate. So far today Salvamar Alkaid rescued 16 who disembarked in Tarifa.


Patera with 40 migrants intercepted by the Mauretanian police


AMDH (Moroccan Human Rights Association) – Nador Section (translated from French):
The traffic of migrants and refugees continue at the border point of Beni Ensar in Nador. The day before yesterday ten migrants were arrested in just one vehicle, and trusted sources have indicated to AMDH Nador that three other Sub Saharan migrants hidden in a smuggler’s car were also arrested.
The Moroccan police have also arrested seven Syrian refugees trying to cross the border in a smuggler’s vehicle. Of course, they had all paid to attempt crossing the border.
AMDH also learned about the arrest of a woman using a motor bike to help Syrian refugees enter.
We ask ourselves how all the investigations opened by the police and all the arrests of smugglers have still not dismantled all these smuggling links.



Massive arrests in Tangier
Asylum Seekers amongst 80 persons arrested and deported to Fez and Agadir.


2 pateras
Salvamento Marítimo (translation from Spanish):
The first #patera was seven miles south of Tarifa. The second #patera south west of Tarifa

#Boza: convoy with ten people (amongst them one woman) left from #Tangier arrived in #Tarifa
Via Helena Maleno Garzón10/11

2 pateras


44 bozas


26 bozas

28 bozas
Helena Maleno Garzón, Morocco (translation from Spanish)
From the two #pateras from Alborán, 28 people (four women) arrived safely on Almeria, and 26 people (two women) in Motril. Great Salvemento!

Eviction in Boukhalef


Two pateras, 26 bozas
Más que Guardia Civil (translated from Spanish)
@Salvamentogov #Salvamar Hamal rescued 26 people in two #pateras, they arrived in #Motril at 11pm.


50 migrants close to the Moroccan coast: “Salvamento estimates that it is the Moroccan Marine that has to save them”.


10 bozas

At least one death in the forest of Gourougou following a raid by the Moroccan police.


10 bozas


AMDH (Moroccan Human Rights Association) Nador Section (Translated from French):
Always the same.. A 4*4  car with Spanish licence plate was stopped by the Moroccan police at the border point Farkhana. On board were four migrants well hidden in the lower part of the car.…

2 pateras, 22 bozas
Salvamento Marítimo
@salvamentogob Pequero Manuel and Patricia next to the second #patera and above Helimer 202, waiting for the arrival of Salvamar Alkaid. Total of 20 people.


AMDH (Moroccan Human Rights Association) – Nador Section (translated from French):
This Saturday the 19th of November there was a new attempt to enter Melilla at the border point Farkhana. Some 50 migrants participated. The number of arrests reached 18 migrants who are now at the police station in Nador, awaiting deportation. No one is injured at the moment.

10 bozas
Salvamento Marítimo, verified account @salvamentogov, Nov 19 (translated from Spanish):
The crew of Salvamar Alkaid just rescued 10 #people, in good health condition, from a #patera 2.5 miles south west of #Tarifa


22 bozas, 2 pateras
Salavamento Marítimo @salvamentogob Nov 21 (translation from Spanish)
#Patera localised at 12.5 miles south west of Tarifa with 11 Sub Saharan men. They were taken by Salvamar Alkaid and Helimer 202. They are now in the port.

Salvamento Marítimo, verified account @salvametogob (translated from Spanish)
Second patera at 5.5 miles fron Tarifa, also with 11 Sub Saharan men. Noticed by Mercante and Helimer 202. Rescued by Salcamar Alkaid.


Summery of today’s bozas in Tarifa:
One convoy with 10 people (men)
One convoy with 11 people (two women and two babies)
One convoy with 9 people (men).

Salvamento Marítimo, verified account @salvamentogob (translated from Spanish)
First #patera. Localised by L/S Hermes 5 miles south of Tarifa; second and third patera by Salvamar Alkaid, 10 and 11 miles south east of Tarifa. Now in the port.

Salvamento Marítimo @salvamentogob Nov 22 (translated from Spanish):
Three pateras have been localised in the strait by Salvamar Alkaid, L/S Hermes and Helimer 202. A total of 31 people (two women and two babies).


19 bozas in two pateras
Salvamento Maritimo @salvamentogob Nov 23 (translation from Spanish):
Salvamar Alkaid rescued a patera with 12 people (one woman) in the Strait this morning. They were transferred to Tarifa.
Salvamento Marítimo @salvamentogob Nov 23
Salvamar Alkaid localised and rescued seven men in #patera in the Strait. They were taked to Tarifa.



AMDH (Moroccan Human Rights Association) – Nador Section (translation from French):
This Wednesday the 23rd of November a patrol of the Auxilliere Forces arrested 14 Sub Saharan migrants close to tha camp Lakhmis Akdim on the road between Iksane and Selouane. The Auxilliere Forces used violence while following the migrants into a café, which caused material damage inside the café.


2 pateras, 21 bozas
Salvamento Marítimo @salvamentogob Nov 14 (Translated from Spanish):
Photos taken from the boat Page Akia showed the second patera that was rescued by Salvamar Alkaid. In total, two pateras with 21 people.


#Boza 4 convoys left #Tangier arrived in #Tarifa:
One convoy with 11 people.
One convoy with 11 people
One convoy with 10 people
One convoy with 4 people
Via Helena Maleno

Salvamento Marítimo @salvamentogob Nov 25 (translated from Spanish)
Salvamar Gadir rescued the first patera at 11 miles from Tarifa with 11 people. They arrived in the port at around 11.30am. Salvamar Alkaid is searching for the second patera.

One body found:


4 pateras, 37 bozas
Salvamento Marítimo @salvamentogob Nov 26
Velero Txiruka without motor, safely in port after being towed by Salvamar Alcyone. Also, 37 #people rescued today from four pateras.

16 bozas

Salvamento Marítimo @salvamentogob Nov 26 (translated from Spanish):
Avión Sasemar 101 localised, and Guardamar Polimnia rescued 16 #people form a #patera at 12 miles north west of the island Alborán. They arrived in #Motril around 8.25pm.

21 bozas
Salvamnto Marítimo @salvamentogob Nov 26 (translated from Spanish):
21 #people from three pateras in the Strait, rescued one after the other by Salvamar Alkaid. They now disembarked in the port of #Tarifa.


20 bozas
Salvamento Marítimo @salvamentogob Nov 27 (translated from Spanish):
On one side or the other… Yesterday in only 20 seconds the crew of Guardamar Polimnia finished the critical moment of the transfer to their boat.


14 bozas
Spanish Red Cross @CRE_Emergencias (translated from Spanish):
The @RedCrossAlmeria group attended 14 people, rescued from a #patera by @salvamentogob in the early morning.


Boza of 16 Moroccans

Gran Canaria
16 bozas


AMDH (Moroccan Human Rights Association) – Nador Section (translated from French):
At the moment where the Spanish authorities seek to export the problem of unaccompanied minors in Melilla towards Nador, an association called “Association of Moroccan residents in Spain” has gotten a meeting in Melilla with the city authorities, to demand European financing of a deportation centre for minors at Béni Ensar. One more detention centre! What a shame, as the association hides behind “humanitarian reasons”, but is at the service of the Spanish authorities and their exclusive and discriminating migration politics.…/%d8%b4%d8%a7%d9%87%d8%af-%d8%a8%d…

When the Moroccan authorities attack the Sub Saharan migrants camps in Nador. See the result. Video.



Deportation in Tunesie

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